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Daily Photo: Back to the January Snowstorms

On the last day of March, it’s time for one last look at Winter 2014. Here is a twilight photo from January at the Christopher Columbus Park trellis.

Snowy twilight under the Christopher Columbus Park trellis – January 2014 – Photo by Matt Conti

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3 Replies to “Daily Photo: Back to the January Snowstorms

  1. Oh my, Matt. Thank you for posting. This is the most amazing photo yet of the blue-lit trellis.
    Wait ’till you see what FOCCP has in store for the lighting over the coming year.
    These lights are gasping with their last breath and we have to replace them.
    It will be expensive but, in order to continue the beauty of the trellis throughout the dreary Winter months, it has to be done.
    Anybody wishing to donate to this undertaking or ‘ADOPT-a-string-of’ lights, is welcome to contact The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park at
    The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) is having a ‘SOCIAL’ at Tia’s on the Waterfront on Wednesday, April 9th, as a membership renewal time and to have new friends join.
    If anybody has any questions about the lights, or any area of our organization, they are welcome to attend. We will be sure to hook you up with a person who has all the answers. 😉
    Happy Spring ..

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