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Residents’ Association Gives Mixed Reaction to Proposed Cycle Track on Commercial Street [Video]

As part of a series of community meetings on the proposed North End “cycle track,” city officials presented to the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) on February 13, 2014.

The redesign of Commercial Street and part of Atlantic Avenue will incorporate a dedicated bicycle “cycle track” from Cross Street to Charter Street in the North End / Waterfront. The main feature of the cycle track is to elevate the bike lane to be flush with the sidewalk level, away from vehicle traffic. Under the current design, there will be no loss of on-street parking and the three travel lanes will remain the same with the conventional bike lanes removed from the roadway.

Reactions to the cycle track were mixed with some residents concerned about the interaction between vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in certain areas, including driveways, around the skating rink, school and where the track would transition from Commercial Street to Causeway Street heading toward the N. Washington Street Bridge. Other attendees were more enthusiastic about creating a “family friendly” dedicated area for bicyclists.

View the above video for the presentation and discussion at the meeting.

3 Replies to “Residents’ Association Gives Mixed Reaction to Proposed Cycle Track on Commercial Street [Video]

  1. The idea of a family-friendly area makes sense. I think that a bike lane flush with sidewalk could prove dangerous for pedestrians, considering its location i.e., skating rink, school, and evening games at the parks. I am quite positive the best solution will be found.

    1. With a dedicated cycle track there they will have to have some marked “crosswalks”, and the folks using those spots will need to be aware of their surroundings. Just a little common sense from everyone and there’s no real problem.

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