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May 2017 NEWRA Meeting Community Reports

The May 2017 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) covered several community reports. A summary is shown below. Use the timeline to jump to different topics of interest.

(00:00): Welcome – NEWRA President Mary McGee

  • 16-18 Moon St. Construction – NEWRA is looking at and will report back
  • North End Cycle Track – Condo associations submitted a letter (discussed later in meeting)

(01:55): Parks & Open Spaces – Robyn Reed

  • Mulch, alligator bags, and fences have been added to the new trees on Hanover Street. Looking for more permanent protection soon.
  • Clean up at Christopher Columbus Park on May 6th was very successful despite the rain.
  • Greenway has new art coming May 16th – end of October
  • North End fountains will be ready by memorial day on the greenway
  • Next Parks & Open Spaces meeting on Tuesday, June 6th, 7 PM at the Mariners House, 11 North Square.

(03:38): RUFF – North End Dog Group

  • In negotiations on getting a contractor form the city to renovate the Gassy Flights for a permanent dog park
  • Next fundraiser for RUFF is on Wednesday, May 24th, 5:30 PM – 8 PM at Crudo sushi in Salem.
  • More on RUFF at

(05:00): Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee – Victor Brogna

  • Discussed at the April 25th ZLC Committee meeting, 76 Salem Street saw a transfer of Wine, Beer, and Cordials License from Urban Cantina to Limoncello 2.
  • 89 Salem Street – Part of True Value to become KO North End (Voted on later in the meeting)
  • Next meeting May 23rd – Nothing on the agenda as of yet.
  • 57 Snow Hill Street, discussed at March 28th ZLC meeting, had its vote deferred to June so that Attorney Toscano could have more time working out some issues with the expansion.

One Reply to “May 2017 NEWRA Meeting Community Reports

  1. Why is the Greenway being cluttered with half-buried houses, a beer garden (across from the Boston harbor Hotel, and an :optical illusion” construction between North and Hanover Street. This green patch is the most used of any section of the Greenway except for the fountains and should have been left alone. Parents use it to dry off their children who are frolicking in the water jets; children play soccer and other games.; and people use it lie down and relax.
    I hope the Commonwealth takes away their subsidy if this is how they are going to use the money. Remember the “fish nets” that they strung between the buildings. Did we ever find out how muchmoney was wasted on this.

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