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Notable North End News Found Elsewhere Brings Inaugural Copp’s Hill, Roseann Update, Waterfront Gentrification and More

The new year often brings new motivation for some, for others it brings second chances and hope. See how well a survivor of the Boston Marathon is doing, her progress and upcoming plans for this year. Read about our own Copp’s Hill in the Mayor’s speech and hear about the future of the Waterfront. 

North End’s Copp’s Hill Part of Mayor Marty Walsh’s Inauguration Speech

North Enders tweeted out when Mayor Marty Walsh included Copp’s Hill in the now famous list of hills during his inauguration speech.

Boston has been called, a “City upon a Hill.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone use that phrase to make a lofty point. But let me tell you what I think about when I hear it, with apologies to John Winthrop, the Puritan settler who said it first. We are a City Upon a Hill, but it’s not just the shining light of Beacon Hill. It’s Savin Hill, where I live. It’s Bunker Hill, Bellevue Hill and Fort Hill. It’s Pope’s Hill, Jones Hill, and Telegraph Hill. It’s Copp’s Hill, Mission Hill and Eagle Hill. So when I say we are sworn in together, it means we’re in this together. We are in this together—every neighborhood.

Read the entire inauguration speech at Boston Magazine.

Getting Fit On The Waterfront In 2014

Looking to get in shape for your new years resolution? See this list of places along the beautiful waterfront that can help you reach your goals while also supporting small businesses. Read more at The Boston Harbor Association

Banker And Tradesman: Gentrification Has Hit The Waterfront: What Next?

Long term plans concerning the development of the waterfront were discussed by a philanthropic foundation and several other organizations earlier this month. The booming waterfront has parking lots and vacant land being replaced with tall buildings. Read more at The Boston Harbor Association

Photo Courtesy of
Boston Marathon bombing victim Roseann Sdoia. Photo by Charles Krupa/AP

For Marathon Bombing Survivor, Life Revolves Around Her New Leg

See the progress that has been made by this Boston Marathon victim who lost most of her right leg in the bombing. Friday, Roseann Sdoia will head back to the hospital for skin graphs to rebuild her right eardrum which was hurt in the blast. Continue reading at Wbur’s CommonHealth

Tunnel rehab moves along well, but it’s taking toll on commuting

Read and watch the progress on the Callahan Tunnel from MassDOT officials and City Councilor Sal LaMattina. The Tunnel has been under construction for a week and a half and officials say work is progressing on schedule. See video at The Boston Herald 

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3 Replies to “Notable North End News Found Elsewhere Brings Inaugural Copp’s Hill, Roseann Update, Waterfront Gentrification and More

  1. Just think its sad that the people whom parents and grandparents grew up together;talk about the definition of community,wow. Those folks,have to move out to the boondocks,alone, in order to keep a roof over thier head or heads. That also includes charlestown,the south end and s.boston. Nobody seems to understand the implications of that fact.

  2. Roseann is pretty amazing. I think she is a very brave and optimistic woman, who has been an example for me.

  3. I continue to be amazed and inspired by Roseann. Letting us into her life in recovery from this disaster allows us to gain a level of understanding, of what all survivors are dealing with, that we could never hope to achieve otherwise. I am grateful for her generosity in sharing and look forward to future updates on her progress.

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