Davide Restaurant at 326 Commercial Street (NEWF Photo)

Once a hot spot that gradually turned into a kitchen nightmare, Davide Restaurant at 326 Commercial Street has been sold. The restaurant has been closed since December with a “vacation” sign posted on the window.

We ran into Anthony Gesualdi who said Davide might open for a few more weekends, but once the liquor license is transferred that new ownership would likely renovate and start up under a new banner. Gesualdi said the terms of the sale prevented him from disclosing who bought the restaurant.

Two years ago, Davide was featured on FOX-TV’s Kitchen Nightmares’ with Chef Gordon Ramsay. The show focused on the stressed out relationship between brothers Frank and Anthony. The eatery has been on Commercial Street for 21 years, under multiple owners.

As for Anthony, he is looking at new opportunities including a “politically incorrect” North End tour.

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  1. I used to work there 6-8 years ago.
    Frank and his family were the best.
    Really good, caring people. I wish them all the best

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