Fox-TV Kitchen Nightmares’ Chef Gordon Ramsay revisited Davide Restaurant on Tuesday, July 5th in the North End. Deborah Gesualdi, wife of Davide proprietor Anthony Gesualdi, shares some photos from the event including a special guest!

The Gesualdi’s are big Bruins fans, so Chef Ramsay brought in Shawn Thornton from the Bruins to present a jersey, signed by the whole team. Many North End neighbors along with other Davide fans came in for dinner during the visit.

The good news is that the visit was very successful. Chef Ramsey was impressed with the restaurant making it a great day at Davide, located at 326 Commercial Street. More information about Davide on their website.

Did you miss the first episode of Kitchen Nightmares featuring the North End’s Davide Restaurant? Watch it online here:


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  1. I enjoy watching Kitchen Nightmares from time to time. Chef Ramsay spewing profanity is half the fun. Seriously tho' he gives some good business/life lessons, like be passionate and expert about what you do, find out what the locals want, use local produce, keep your establishment decor up to date, keep your place super-clean, and so on.

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