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Prince Spaghetti Tapes New Version of “Anthony!” TV Commercial in North End

Forty-four years later, Prince Spaghetti is re-creating its famous “Anthony!” television commercial in the North End. This week, film crews showed up on Margaret Street, Sheafe Street and Cleveland Place to tape new scenes, captured below in photos by North End resident, Chuck Sether. At the bottom of this post, watch the original 1969 version featuring 12-year old Anthony Martignetti and Mary Fiumara as the mother yelling out the window. This time, the commercial film company brought in their own actors. Although the new commercial is using Sheafe Street as “Anthony’s home”, the original apartment building used was on the other side of Hanover Street at Powers Court.

Prince Macaroni Company started here in the Boston’s North End on Prince Street and had operations at the Prince Building on Atlantic Avenue. The “Anthony!” commercial ran for 13 years making it the longest running TV ad. It also brought Boston’s North End into homes across the nation. The commercial still hits a chord because it marks a time gone by when mother’s could yell out the window to find their kids. The ad spot is also used as a reference point for the beginnings of the generational shift in the neighborhood. Its huge exposure may have made the North End more attractive to outsiders that ultimately led to gentrification.

Photos by Chuck Sether.

Here is the original 1969 version:

8 Replies to “Prince Spaghetti Tapes New Version of “Anthony!” TV Commercial in North End

  1. That was the N.E. how I remember it. My mother always yelled out the window when it was time to eat. She
    used to send the basket out the window so I could put the bread in it . My family sold the 12 family building with 3 stores on the bottom and thank god it wasn’t to a slumlord. It makes me sick to think how some of the new people have changed it to the worse and how they have no respect for anyone. I’m so glad that all my
    friends that still live their are fighting to keep the N.E. a great neighborhood. I’m sure if everyone came together
    they could make it the way it was, and proud to say when someone asked you where you came or come from you
    can answer with pride like I still do and say the North End of Boston. Instead of fighting each other join each
    other and the out come will be great.

  2. North Ender Forever

    The beauty of the original commercial was that it was a perfect example of life in the greatest neighborhood in the world, depicted by real north enders.

    People cared about each other with very little conflict between residents and businesses, because most business owners also lived in the neighborhood.

    There was no better time than when extended families broke bread together! Thank you to the men and women who organize the annual North End Reunions.

    1. I am so pleased to see this iconic advertisement honored with a 44th anniversary reenactment! Not only does the Prince ad remind me of my youth living in the suburbs south of Boston, but it fills me with all the fun and adventure we used to have as a family visiting the North End, dining at Felicia’s or the European….shopping at nearby Haymarket, visiting the Old North Church and much more. It’s especially refreshing to see this lifestyle which is increasingly disappearing from center cities. Wednesday dinner with the Martignetti family seemed more like a setting in Europe than a 20th century American City. I’ve lived in New York City since Boston, for twenty years, and one thing Manhattan lacks is a cohesive and charming Italian neighborhood like Boston’s singularly incredible North End.
      Please publish the new advertisement once its in circulation!!

  3. I can’t understand the blind fawning over the remake……the one thing that stuck out to me is that the adult Anthony needed two hands to twirl his pasta fork. whoever that actor is, he’s NOT Italian.

    this Boston-raised Italian girl requests a better remake, puhleeze and thank you.

    1. Kristen,I think the reason that so many people are as you call it “fawning” over the remake is because it brings back fond memories and a era that they view as much better times in their lives.

  4. I think they should of used the orginal Anthony for this redo ad. Yeah he is older but a lot of people would like to see how grown up he gotten. Maybe I’m bias because he was my boyfriend back when we were 13 years old.

  5. I get a nostalgic thrill everytime I see this remake of the old Prince Spaghetti Commercial …. Thank You.

  6. Wasn’t there another commercial in the ’80’s for Martignetti’s Restaurant with an older, heavier, Anthony who came to the restaurant when the owner called? I remember the final words were; “Hey Tony, how come you never come on a Wednesday?”

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