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St. John School Teacher Profiles: Meet Ms. Meghan Warner, Kindergarten (K5)

teacher feature1. Can you tell us a little about your background and how long have you been a teacher at St. John School?
I grew up outside of Buffalo, NY and attended college at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA where I studied Elementary and Special education. I moved to Boston to participate in a post-graduate service program called the Urban Catholic Teacher Corps. During my time in this program I obtained my Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy at Boston College and thoroughly enjoyed teaching for two years at St. John School. I am very excited to spend a third year teaching kindergarten at SJS and working with a wonderful group of students and teachers.

2. What attracted you to teaching?
I have always loved working with children and discovered the reward in teaching during my time spent working as a swim instructor and lifeguard. Sharing in the success and accomplishments of children overcoming obstacles, reaching goals, or achieving something for the first time is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I knew I wanted to experience that fulfillment in my life and felt called to the teaching profession to pursue a career path that allowed me to experience that every day.

3. What is most rewarding about being a teacher?
At the primary level, there is so much excitement in a child’s eyes as they discover something for the first time. Knowing that I have the ability to be a force behind a child’s discovery is very rewarding and humbling. Seeing the growth in a child from September to June is something that will never cease to amaze me!

4.What is one thing you wish someone had told you before you started your first day of teaching?
No matter how well one prepares lesson plans, activities, and materials for the day, surprises can occur at any time. Be flexible and have Lysol, hand sanitizer and wipes on hand at all times!

5. What’s the newest, freshest approach you are bringing to your job as a St. John teacher?
We are very fortunate at SJS to have the opportunity to utilize a one to one iPad program within a number of our classrooms. Using this technology as a pathway to present, assess, and reinforce material has enriched the engagement and academic development of my students.

6. What is the hardest thing about being a teacher?
I find that one of the most challenging things about being a teacher is finding the teaching methods that engage the students who seem unreachable or resistant to learning. It can be a true challenge to find the approaches to reach their intrinsic motivation and unlocking the key to their success.

7. What is something your students have taught you?
Teaching at the primary level has taught me the value of patience and recognizing that a student is learning something for the very first time and the beauty in that small moment.

8. What do you like to do in your free time and why do you enjoy doing it?
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, and running. After moving to a new city I feel so fortunate to have family and friends near and far and it is so important to me to remain close to them. I also enjoy running long distances and participating in road races around the New England area as a way to explore new places.

9. What’s your favorite funny story about yourself?
When I was in kindergarten, I was so excited when I learned how to tie my shoes. I went around and tied all of my classmate’s shoes every day. My teacher finally had to ask my mom to remind me to allow my friends to learn how to tie their own shoes since all of their parents thought they learned in school.

10. What was your favorite toy (or game) as a child, and why?
My favorite childhood toy was my Easybake oven. I got a kick out of making those tiny desserts and thought I was a pretty good cook!