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North End News Found Elsewhere: British Library Images, Garden Project Appeal, Murder Update and the Little Things

Believe it or not, there has been more going on in the City besides it just another snow storm. An appeal has been submitted to Mayor Thomas Menino about the towers planned to go off of Causeway Street. A Christmas Carol came to the North End in a unique way. Hear the amazing story behind the chef of Whisk and catch up on what the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council has been up to. Whether you’re done cleaning your car off, shoveling the sidewalk or just trying to stay on your feet – check out the local buzz and don’t miss the video about “the little things in life.”

‘Execution-Style’ Murders With North End Connection Still Has Police Stumped

A reminder that a crime committed in Andover in 2011 which ended up in a North End Street is still ongoing. Many may remember when the Lexus SUV of Jack and Geraldine Magee was found in flames on a North End street. The couple had been shot, execution style in their Andover home. Read more at the North End Patch 

Photo by Boston Business Journal
Image from BRA Filings

Residents appeal to Menino to reel in Boston Properties’ TD Garden project

The BRA director Peter Meade met with members of the city-appointed advisory panel which petitioned a letter to Mayor Menino urging the Mayor to “scale down” a proposal for $1 billion expansion of the TD Garden by Boston Properties. Six of the thirteen members of the impact advisory group are protesting the height of the tower, traffic impacts and the tax agreement. Read more at Boston Business Journal 

Whisk: The Eatery Where Ex-Offenders Are Starting Over

Don’t miss this story on chef Jeremy Kean of Whisk, a North End restaurant that is helping ex-offenders get their lives back on track through a re-entry program that offers both food and food for the soul. Kean found himself in New Jersey’s Mercer County Correction Center after a run in with the law on drug charges. Read more about Jeremy Kean and Whisk at The Root

Healthy Chocolate? See  Lucie Wicker Photography
Healthy Chocolate? See Lucie Wicker Photography

Fitness in Boston: Healthy Noshing at Cocoanuts Boston in the North End

The North End’s Cocoanuts Boston hosted a chocolate tasting with a healthy twist. Three vendors were at the event – two were Boston based and one was from Brooklyn. Each of the companies featured chemical-free, handcrafted products with healthy elements. Take a look at these photos and treats at Lucie Wicker Photography

The unconventional Christmas Carol. Photo by Boston.com
The unconventional Christmas Carol. Photo by Boston.com

An unconventional ‘Christmas Carol’ comes to North End

Last weekend in the North End, A Christmas Carol was center stage brought to the neighborhood by NEMPAC. The musical featured a twist with the character Scrooge being played by a 12-year-old female Scrooge. Hear more about the unique performance and learn more about NEMPAC. Continue the story at Boston.com

Something to look at while you’re recuperating from shoveling snow and ice

Don’t miss these old images of Boston from the British Library. An imagine showing the engraving of the three hills that gave Boston its original name and images of 17th-century colonial coinage and drawings of 18th and 19th century building on Salem Street. See these images at Universal Hub

At last, city board makes the right decision

When the idea of opening a health center at the old St. Catherine of Siena School in Charlestown, near the Bunker Hill housing project – it was overwhelmingly embraced by the neighborhood. The Globe columnist noted how the “North End Waterfront Community Health Center stepped forward to turn that idea into a reality, laying out a plan to open a health center in the old school and a pharmacy in a building nearby.” Read more at The Boston Globe

NEWNC Meeting Minutes – December 2013

View the minutes from the December meeting of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council  see whats going on with 263 Hanover Street, Modern Pastry Shop, and see updates on the 340 Hanover Street, 7-Eleven.

Bradley Jay: ‘Pay Attention To The Little Things.’

Hear what North End residents say makes their life rich. Ask the question yourself, “How about you? What is the spice in your life that makes getting up in the morning worth the trouble for you?” Read into what gets Bradley Jay out of bed.

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  1. You might want to clarify that the majority of the Impact Advisory Group is actually supporting the project, and that the protests are coming from a minority of the group’s members. As you have it written, it’s implying the entire group is protesting, which is not the truth.

    1. I updated the intro to say 6 of the 13 IAG members, consistent with the information from the linked article. Thanks for the clarification. –Matt

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