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Nick Varano Spends Afternoon at the Italian Home for Children

Executive Director of The Italian Home Christopher Small, Nick and Marina Varano (Photo: The Varano Group)

The owner of the North End’s The Varano Group known for his longstanding Strega Restaurants, Nick Varano and his family spent the afternoon visiting with children at The Italian Home for Children in Jamaica Plain, delivering toys for the children from their wish lists.

In what has become an annual tradition, Nick and his daughter, Marina Varano also spent time with the staff wrapping all the gifts that have been donated to the home at their annual ‘Wrapping Party.’ During the visit, Nick also presented a check to The Italian Home for Children, from money that was raised from the staff at The Varano Group.

4 Replies to “Nick Varano Spends Afternoon at the Italian Home for Children

    1. We have never been paid to run a story.

      We occasionally run stories regarding charitable efforts by local residents and businesses, which are especially common around the holidays. They generally benefit non-profits such as Toys for Tots, food banks, schools, homeless, health causes, arts, etc. The Italian Home for Children certainly qualifies. If you are interested, many of these stories can be viewed here:

      Our general policy is to include stories where a significant benefit is obtained by the charity or non-profit, similar to what you would find in a local community paper. If you know of charitable deeds by other residents or businesses, please feel free to pass them on.
      Thank you.
      Matt Conti, Editor

  1. Dave, I think that your off track. The Varanos are to be thanked for the efforts they take to help those in need. As a long time member of the Friends of the North End Branch Library I have experienced nothing but generosity from the merchants in our neighborhood. Also, Dave, you should understand that Matt Conti puts out the North End Waterfront News on his own time without any compensation and never accept payment for the good service he provides the neighborhood.

  2. I work in a public school with many children, unfortunately many children have emotional , social needs and after trying to keep these kids in school they just cant do it .. most of the kids end up at the Italian home and thank you to all the people who donated to this cause including the frattori family.. you have no idea how this act of kindness will make a child feel better .. after all its about the kids this Christmas isn’t it? god bless

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