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Chamber of Commerce Delivers Early Christmas to Nazzaro Youth [Photos]

On Wednesday, December 18, the members of the Nazzaro Center Youth Program enjoyed a Christmas Party that they’ll never forget. Thanks to the North End Chamber of Commerce, the center was able to treat about 100 children to one of the best Christmas parties that the Nazzaro has ever hosted. Thanks to a very generous financial donation from the Chamber, each child and whatever parents could make it, were treated to Umberto’s pizza, cake and ice cream, various snacks, pickles and drinks. Each child also received a present from Santa and, to top off the whole event, were treated to a magic show! Although there were still a couple of school days left before the Christmas recess, this party marked the unofficial start of vacation week for all the kids and was a nice early surprise to their holiday season.

It should be noted that, beside all this charity and goodwill that made this party possible, the Chamber of Commerce had already donated 20 Stop and Shop gift cards to various North End families. The members cannot be thanked enough for all their benevolence that was truly appreciated more than they know. Special thanks also to Century Bank vice-president Lena Buttiri who was instrumental in working with the Chamber on this project and helped facilitate all the necessary logistics to pull it off. The North End and the Nazzaro Center are fortunate indeed to have such silent partners willing to help keep this community the most tightly knit in the city.