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It Takes a Lot of Light to Film a Waterfront Night Scene

The Vince Vaughn movie in production, The Business Trip, has been filming the last few days in the North End / Waterfront area of Boston. They were at the Fairmont Battery Wharf and then moved over to the Long Wharf and Commercial Wharf area. On Friday night, powerful lights lit up the granite building at Commercial Wharf, Yacht Haven and the Waterboat Marina at Long Wharf. Some trees at Christopher Columbus Park also received spotlights. I took some photos of the special waterfront lighting shown in this gallery. (If you’re looking for Vince Vaughn photos on set, you can safely move on.)

Commercial Wharf resident and photographer Anna Muhhina also captured these images below from today’s filming.

4 Replies to “It Takes a Lot of Light to Film a Waterfront Night Scene

  1. Matt~~You must know the old saying~~~”He’s a Poet, but don’t know it “??? Well, Matt~~~ You are CERTAINLY a PHOTOGRAPHER~~AND WE KNOW IT !!!!!
    I can’t say it enough~~You are “The Best” !!! When I go to places like the Museum of Fine Arts, or The Getty in Cal., and see photos that hang~~~
    I DO COMPARE YOUR Beautiful Work with the ones I see there !!! May God ALWAYS Bless YOU !!!

  2. Matt –
    LOVE LOVE LOVE these.

    I was out walking that evening, came upon the lit up scene, and was wishing I had my camera with me… Thanks for posting.

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