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Paul Revere House Update on New Education and Vistor Center

Paul Revere Bell in Courtyard (PRH photo)

After a longer than anticipated hiatus, the Paul Revere Memorial Association has begun the final work on its proposed Education and Visitor Center in the building at 5/6 Lathrop Place. From North Square, where visitors enter the Paul Revere House, you can hardly tell that anything is going on which is perfect as the House will remain open throughout construction.

Once inside, visitors can peak through the construction fencing and see that in just a few weeks, significant work has already been accomplished. The courtyard has been stripped of its raised garden beds, plants, and sections of brick paving, and the bell display has been moved from the rear of the courtyard to nearer the House to facilitate visitor access. Walls that used to separate the Lathrop Place building from the Revere House complex have come down. This will allow the Association to connect to 5/6 Lathrop Place to eventually make it so Revere House visitors can enter the new facility. The work in the courtyard also involves changes to the grade for accessibility, new drainage and a new garden. The Public Archaeology Lab conducted extensive investigations in the basement of the building and the yard in 2010, which uncovered a cistern, privy and drains. They are back and are monitoring all excavation. Several new discoveries have been made including a second privy that is yielding some wonderful artifacts.

Nina Zannieri, Executive Director of the Association noted: “It must seem like this project has been going on forever, but now we truly are in the last lap. It is a complicated construction job in a very confined location. We are thrilled to be continuing our work with Mills Whitaker Architects and our new general contractors the McLaughlin brothers.”

The Association has raised almost $3.3M and hopes to meet its campaign goal of $4M by the time the Education and Visitor Center opens next fall. Anyone who would like to know more about the building, the construction schedule or how to make a contribution should contact Nina Zannieri at (617) 523-2338 or