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Video: Guy Uses Alley Off Hanover Street as Toilet for No. 2

Perhaps after seeing the girly dirty deed posted last weekend, you have been looking at supposed dog poop on the streets with a suspicious eye. Could it be human feces? That is what went through the mind of one Hanover Street property owner that found poop in an adjacent alley. After checking the security camera … lo and behold, this guy was caught on camera taking a crap just steps off Hanover Street between buildings. The video is time stamped Monday, September 2, 2013 at 4:52 am.

***Viewer Discretion Advised … the video is censored in parts, but still pretty gross.***

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9 Replies to “Video: Guy Uses Alley Off Hanover Street as Toilet for No. 2

    1. This is so upsetting for our neighborhood. The trash and now this!

      Top Ten names for the Human Poops found in the North End….
      10. Sidewalk Salami
      9. Eggplant Poop Parm
      8. Focaccia Logs
      7. Chicken Caca-tori
      6. The Sicilian Cigar
      5. Pavement Polenta
      4. Manhole Mozzarella Sticks
      3 Turda-misu
      2. Corn Canoli’s
      And the number 1 name for Human Poops found in the North End…
      The Brown Calzone!!!!

  1. Public defecation is a problem all over the city and not just in alleyways. The Fort Point sidewalks, in and around Downtown Crossing, wherever. I’m not sure what can be done about a population for whom jail would be a step up but they have essentially ruined every public space in America. The other thing that has been happening is public copulation and again, no attempt to hide it at all. I do work nights so have more exposure to this but still.

    Aggressive panhandling, begging at the traffic lights, the list goes on and on. I frankly long for the day that I never have to step foot in the city again. It’s sad. It gets incrementally worse every year, how bad does it have to get before something is done about it?

    And the loud, aggressive drunkenness which you poor folks in the North End have to put up with. My heart goes out to you.

    1. Peter, don’t be so negative if you can ignore the bombings,murders,shootings, stabbings, muggings,rapes, sexual assaults,drunks,traffic,parking problems,filth,trash and rats as big as cats Boston is a pretty nice city.

  2. I said I would not comment but I have to say these video’s are disgusting and not funny! What is happening? I have never seen such goings on. Where are the Police patrolling? Deficating,urinating,Loud Parties, Drugs sold openly in daytime I took short cut through the Stillman Playground and witnessed two young people shooting dope in the middle of the afternoon North End Against Drugs should go around and check these things out. Hand out flyers do something. So they don’t check themselves in but arresting them is not going to cut it! so that’s my take on this disgusting whole situation Of course it goes around every city but because the North End is so small everyone see’s everything.

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