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Operation Cleanup “This is My North End” on September 21, 2013

The North End Chamber of Commerce (NECC) is proud to sponsor Operation Clean-up “This is My North End” on Saturday, September 21, 2013 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. The City of Boston is providing brooms, shovels, bags and gloves. Businesses send your workers, residents roll up your sleeves. We need everyone to participate. Check in starts at 8:30 am sharp.

Meet at the Prado on Hanover Street where you will be given T-shirts, assigned teams, streets and equipment. Donations welcome.
Contact Toni Gilardi for more information at 617-529-4461.

11 Replies to “Operation Cleanup “This is My North End” on September 21, 2013

  1. This is a fantastic idea. Cleanups like this should be scheduled/organized at least a couple times a month, especially in the summer during the feast/moving season. If everyone helps out this neighborhood could be cleaned up in no time.

    1. I visit an are in Florida called Indian Shores and once a month people from all walks of life people who own million dollar beachfront properties work alongside teenage kids cleaning up the beach. I agree It’s a great idea.

  2. Great idea. Also a great way to build healthy and productive relationships between the residents and businesses of the North End and the city. Would love to see the Chamber sponsor more neighborhood initiatives like this and give back to the neighborhood that was here long before their restaurants and retail shops. This is a perfect opportunity for businesses to really give back. I personally enjoy seeing business owners with a broom in their hand more than seeing their name on the back of a little league uniform. Collaborations like this have worked all over the country, especially New York City. There is a “Business Improvement District” in Downtown Crossing (less than a half a mile from the North End) that has worked wonders for Downtown. There is no reason why businesses and residents of this neighborhood in conjunction with the City of Boston can’t worked together to create something along the lines of what has been done at Downtown Crossing. It is truly frustrating as a resident and parent of this neighborhood that we allow a few bad apples in the business community and the residential community to “divide” the entire neighborhood. Kudos to the Chamber, especially Toni Gilardi and Chris Young who are residents and business owners willing to get their hands dirty for the “greater good” of the neighborhood!!! With all that said I am as proud today as I ever have been to call the North End my home!!

    Happy Labor Day,
    Stephen Passacantilli

  3. I think it is wonderful that businesses and residents are coming together to clean on Sept. 21, Sat.

    My question is, who is going to be cleaning on Sept. 22, Sunday Morning?

  4. as much as i like the idea of reisidents coming together to clean the neighborhood, i think we are letting the offenders off the hook. the people who make the mess should be called out to clean their mess. i go through the same situation at work. i pick up up after others, and the more i do , the more they keep making a mess. they wont stop. they know someone else will clean up. also, this is not to call out the real estate agents, but we should have them give a list of the residents in the certain areas that are always a mess. have them clean up,fine them, whoever is paying the rent, and the owner of the condo, apartment and or building.

  5. The goal is to unite this neighborhood on a mutual problem.
    The hope is to teach the new residents by example and education.
    If we are not part of a solution then we are part of the problem

    Help me help this community. Residents and businesses coming together to make a difference.

    Hope to see you on sept 21st.

    Thank you.

    1. Toni, I’m on record supporting a cleanup and if you “hope to teach the new residents by example and education” I’m fine with that as well.But the problems are much deeper than just a cleanup.If you have to “teach”people that it’s not OK to deficate in the streets,urinate and/or vomit on peoples property throw loud drunken parties in aptartments that spill out onto the streets or leave out trash and expect someone else to pick up after you I’m afraid your fighting a losing battle.It’s not the yuppies and it certainly isn’t the old time NE residents doing this.It is the transient college student population and most of the ills in this neighborhood are the result of these people,their parties and their disrespectful “guests”

  6. It is so refreshing to read “The goal is to unite this neighborhood on a mutual problem” No blame placed solely on students, or the feats, or god forbid those “yuppys”. Tom has the right attitude and I wish there was more of it! I look forward to joining on the 21st. I live in a building that is 100% students, I am the only working professional. I would love to get some of these students out on the 21st, are there signs or posters I can put up in my building to help get the word out??

  7. One Problem at a Time !!! When taking on a project, we have to start AT THE BOTTOM~~~UP !!!

    First Clean it~~~Then Improve it !!!

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