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Tower Garden Introduced at St. John School

St. John School is going Green!

The Grafton Group, operators of several restaurants, Grafton Street, Temple Bar, Russell House Tavern & Park, all in Cambridge are sponsoring St. John School’s first Tower Garden. The Tower Garden is an aeroponic vertical growing system that we are growing herbs and greens on to introduce the SJS Community to sustainable farming.

We are excited to engage the students in growing their own food and weaving it into the curriculum by teaching lessons in science, math and nutrition as their interests develop about where their food comes from and eating healthier. Beyond the natural beauty of growing vine ripened fresh produce, listening to the flow of the water as it irrigates the roots and the glowing light from the grow lights, there is an opportunity here to decide how best to use the produce and that empowers the children to be able to share in a tangible way.

Thank you to Patrick Lee and The Grafton Group for their generosity and aligning with St. John School and its goal of educating the students in a happy healthy environment!

St. John School Tower Garden
St. John School’s first Tower Garden, an aeroponic vertical growing system


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  1. Its a very great idea love it but looking at the pics do u think there is a lot of wasted space they could of added more plants I could be a 100% wrong but just putting it out there maybe they can add some more would be nice. If they can do it but if the design is set and can’t be added maybe the next one will be a little better at least its a start and that’s the best to start and complete something its a win win in my book and you grow with that ( no pun intended LOL just the right word. ) keep us posted on how it doing and send lots of pics on its way up ( another not intended word LOL just fits in. )

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