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Rave for Christopher Columbus Park

Christopher Columbus Park in Boston's North End (NEWF photo)
Christopher Columbus Park in Boston’s North End (NEWF photo)

I have lived in the North End for most of my 74 years on earth. It has always been the greatest place to live and the people are the best neighbors in the city. In my opinion, Columbus Park is one of the nicest and most beautiful parts of the area. It has a charm and atmosphere like no other place.

In the park, at anytime in the summer weather, you can find entertainment and functions of all sorts, from concerts, theater to arts and crafts. One of my favorites is a wonderful guitarist that plays an incredible guitar on weekends. His name is Tuphan. People gather around to listen to his great and talented playing. Also, another favorite is the opera that is presented by a local group that is wonderful. I could go on and on.

I get around in a power chair due to some lung problems. Columbus Park starts off my day and brightens my life. We in the North End are lucky to have such a wonderful retreat.

Long Time North Ender.
Bobby Church


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5 Replies to “Rave for Christopher Columbus Park

  1. I agree with you Bobby!!! As much as we Love the Heart of the City, One street away brings a person into to an artful picturesque Dreamland !! The Arts, The Ocean, The Moons, THE GRASS !!!

  2. To Bobby: The Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) sincerely thank you for taking the time to write this. We work closely with the City to keep CC Park clean, comfortable, safe and enjoyable and one of the top destinations when people look for a green-space in Boston. It’s always special when someone from the neighborhood gives us a ‘thumb’s-up.’

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