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Whisk at 351 Pops Up on Hanover Street

Whisk at 351 brought a makeover to the former Volle Nolle location on Hanover Street.

Have you been to Whisk at 351 Hanover Street since it popped up at the former Volle Nolle location? The hip new spot comes from Whisk’s Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta who have partnered with the North End’s Torri Crowell of Volle Nolle fame. The tasting menus come in odd number varieties … three ($45), five ($65) and seven ($75) and Torri still on site with the wine pairings. Open since the beginning of August, the pop-up tasting restaurant will be around at least through September, maybe longer. Jeremy and Philip are also known for their work with Haley House to help transition kitchen jobs to permanent employment. More information at

Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta with assistant in the micro kitchen.

Photos by Matt Conti.

One Reply to “Whisk at 351 Pops Up on Hanover Street

  1. We ate at Whisk last night and agree that it is a fresh idea for the neighborhood. The best part for us was Torri’s welcome and attention. She is a true hostess who makes you feel at home and part of the scene. She also graciously promoted the chefs who demonstrated an attention to detail.The menu was interesting and I am sure will evolve with more interaction with diners.
    We will most likely return for the experience.

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