The Cheese Shop on Fleet Street Mysteriously Closed

The Cheese Shop on Fleet Street has been mysteriously closed since January. Yet, the store is still fully stocked with inventory. There once was a sign saying that it would re-open. Now, that sign is gone and there is old mail sitting under the door with trash boxes (and even a lampshade) gathering in the doorway.

A peek inside the windows revealed plenty of meats, cheeses and the refrigeration still running. In fact, the store looks like it could simply re-open with the turn of a key.

We remember meeting owner Robert Malerba when the shop opened in early 2012. Prior to his ownership, the location was relocated by Carmen “The Cheeseman” DiNunzio of Endicott Street’s “Fresh Cheese.” DiNunzio was sentenced in 2009 to 6 years in prison on a bribery charge. When it moved to Fleet Street, the shop was renamed to “The Cheese Shop.”

Inquires to the store owner have gone unanswered. City Hall has been notified and Inspectional Services has been working with the building landlord to track down the situation.

It’s not uncommon for family business owners to take lengthy vacations. This one could set a record.

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  1. And what is up with the hardware store on Fleet Street? That has been stocked and closed for years.

  2. The owner posted on Facebook multiple times a day up until January then abruptly stopped. Something’s up. Search Robert Malerba.

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