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North End Resident, Sunny Davidson, Self-Publishes “Saying Yes to the Unexpected”

Saying Yes to the Unexpected is Sunny Davidson’s first book, written over 15 1/2 years.  The thirteen stories span 48 years of her life and may appeal to mountaineers, travelers and Boston aficionados.

Some interesting notes from the author, including notable references to the North End:

  • The North End appears in several places, beginning in the acknowledgements. The late Robert J. “Bobby D” DeCristoforo, who referred to me as “the North End writer” in the Celeb Sightings of his weekly column, “Bob D’s Beat.”
  • “Thanks to the Laundromat” tells how I found my North End apartment where I’ve lived since 1995 and in which the manuscript, literally, was written using pencil on paper before being typed in one hour increments at the North End Branch Library.
  • The North End makes more of a cameo appearance in “Prevailing to Italy,” which recounts my journey of nearly 40 years to visit there.
  • I came to Boston in 1972 and earned an MED in 1980.  Though I joined Grub Street in 2007 and took classes, I’ve not been part of a regularly meeting writers group.  I wrote my first poem at age 9 and have been writing ever since.
Saying Yes is available on Nook, Kindle and Amazon or through email,