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Photos: Opening Night of 2013 Madonna Della Cava Feast

The rain kept the crowds down, but did not stop the opening night of the 93rd Madonna Della Cava Feast, with the exposition of the image of the Madonna from her home at 3 Battery St. to the temporary Hanover St. chapel. The Northeast Italian Band was on hand with traditional songs of celebration.

The image of Maria SS Della Cava, Principal Patron of Pietraperzia, Sicily was rediscovered miraculously in the year 1223 by a mute from Trapani who was directed by Our Lady to proceed to the outskirts of the town where the portrait of Our Lady would be found. In the process, his speech and hearing were restored. The first words emitted by the mute were, “VIVA MARIA SS DELLA CAVA.” Read more at the society’s website:

Enjoy these photos of the opening night of the Madonna Della Cava Feast on Friday, August 9, 2013.

Photos by Matt Conti. See gallery and print options.