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Video: Late Night Girly Dirty Deeds in North End

This could be a new low for this website, but as Mark B. says with this turdy video and photo, “a new level of outrage is appropriate.” Last night at 3:30 am, his security camera picked up one of two girls walking by New Spin Laundry at Bartlett Place off Salem Street. One of them took a dump on the side of the curb where a new pocket park is due to be installed soon. “She just squatted down between two restaurant barrels, did her thing and walked away with her friend,” he reports. Watch the video for the action and see the forensic evidence below.

All together now … “EWWWWWWWW”

Public Works comes by on Saturday afternoon but instead of picking it up, they throw a pile of sand on it. ???Baffling???

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    1. Our historical neighborhood has become one big trash can and toilet…Some people have no shame and their faces should be put on the front page of the Globe and Herald…Let everyone see how gross some people are and their disgusting actions….SHAME ON YOU WHOMEVER YOU ARE PIG……

  1. Too bad there is not a closeup of her or her lookout buddy’s face so we would all know who the no class losers are.

  2. I think this is great and I wish they could hold these girls accountable. Did anyone think DNA test like me?
    Also we need to post the grossness of this act to make people aware. Are we suppose to cover our eyes and not look?
    As Gary “The No Trash” Cougar says – Don’t give a larbage, pick up your garbage!
    Love Gary.

  3. While the banjo music adds a level of humor to this video account of low life vulgar behavior it is very important for EVERYONE from the new neighbor who moved in last week to every city councilor and the mayor himself to see what goes on here in our neighborhood most nights of the week. I cleaned up a pile of human feces in my courtyard garden 2 weeks ago and have washed down gifts of urine 3 times this week alone. Not only does it point out how our neighborhood has devolved it points out the desperate need for public restrooms throughout the city but most definitely here in the city’s own amusement park which tries to double as our home and neighborhood but seems to be failing at the latter rapidly.

  4. Never in all the crazy things no.enders did over the last half a century has anyone lowered themselves to crap in the street! I don’t even think anyone crapped in a outside setting,,we were all proud and respectful of our lil neighborhood sheesh,,,to think a lady did it OMG how classy

  5. And if she were caught in the act what is the punishment? I bet she would be scolded and use the excuse she was drunk and that would be the end of this disgusting deed.

    1. Conviction of public lewdness. comes with a fine and a day of missed work and a bit of shame if she were caught.

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if a male gets caught urinating in a public place and gets arrested, he then has to file as a sex offender (this is what I’ve been told, not sure). I wish while this person was video taping this incident, he/she was on also was on the phone with the police and had her arrested. Imagine if she got arrested and today would be known as a sex offender???
      Oh that would have been a good lesson and the best ending to a totally discussing incident.

  6. I know that it is tasteless and crude to post these issues, but at the same time I think it’s important for people to realize that this stuff is real and is going on. It’s not “I heard that….” or “a friend told me that…”. People (“ladies”) are literally DEFECATING IN OUR STREETS.
    My sincerest wish is that her parents see the video and recognize her. Then again, they would probably rationalize it as not possibly being their baby’s fault and somehow justified.

  7. This is disgusting and I can’t even believe this is a girl (obviously not a lady) this area of Salem is used as a dump site and not surprised some one actually dumped in it just surprised its a girl. Even though its gross to look at , it Definitly needed to be posted. Hopefully another restaurant as there faces on camera from sidewalk so we can see there faces and maybe post them up Saying ” No Dumping allowed” since the city want do anything about cleaning up the north end except for putting new sidewalks in and an over abundance of street lights that are in the wrong places going up to street. Either way I think this girl should pay a fine or something, or everyone will be dumping in the streets.

  8. She must be friends with the girl who was crawling out of the bushes by the fountain at Burroughs Wharf with her pants down. I can honestly say this has been the worst summer over the last 17 years for shameful behavior in our neighborhood!

  9. Absolutely despicable. However, I am willing to bet that those girls do not live in the North End, otherwise why wouldn’t they have just gone home? It also looks like they may have gotten into the cab at the end of the video when it stops.

    1. Maria,it’s irrelevant where they live the point is the disrespect they showed .At 3;30 in the AM it’s obvious that they left a dwelling probably a party in the neighborhood somewhere. Just a pig in every sense of the word!

    1. LLR – your comment is group-ist and does absolutely no good for the neighborhood. I, too, am so sick of the YUPPIE brush off.

  10. Blaming all this on “Yuppies” or “Young Urban Professionals” is getting very old. I moved here as a “Yuppie” 34 years ago. I have never done anything like this. I have contributed to the neighborhood, swept and shoveled the sidewalks for years. For several years I have participated in the neighborhood association contributing opinions and voting on issues that affect all of the North End. The North End is the way it is today because of the marriage of greed and gentrification. When I first moved here in the early 80s I saw many Italian families beginning the exodus out of the area to homes on the North Shore. It is blind to think that as the brave hard working immigrants who developed this unique neighborhood died and their children sold or rented out the buildings that all the replacements would be more Italians (Gentrification). When I came here in the early 80s there were not half as many bars and restaurants here as there is today. That in itself is not greed but sacrificing the quality of life in the neighborhood for more money and more business is. Let’s all be clear as to why the neighborhood has changed and stop talking about what once was and deal with what is.

    1. David, I agree with much of your comments especially about the greed. But truth be told many of the families that left in what you call the “exodus” left because they were evicted, forced out and priced out.The majority did not leave willingly To “homes on the “North Shore”.

  11. Michael d …that is very true but just as many left for the reason I stated. I have spoken to many and heard the story countless times of children and grandchildren of Italian immigrants wanting a wanting a bigger place for their children and better schools and yards to play in. It’s ok, it’s natural to want these things. This is part of the fabric of gentrification. It is the children and grandchildren of the immigrants who owned many of the buildings that the others were evicted from and priced out of after they sold the buildings to get the money to buy homes in the suburbs….again this is a natural course of things …not blaming anyone.

    1. David, With all due respect if you moved into the NE in the 80s you don’t have a clue of what happened in the late 60s and 70s and I don’t know who your speaking to but I will give you just one example of how the NE transformed.I will refer to this person as a “friend” One day and I witnessed this my friend got a knock on his door and a kid from the NE that we all new told my friend he had just”bought the bldg. Now we knew that this kid could not afford a pack of smokes let alone a bldg.He informed my friend that he was would be starting remodeling and my friend who lived there all his life had 30 days to move out.My friend told him it would be a hardship for him and his family to find a place in 30days and the kid left. That night my friend had another visitor who announced that he was ‘the real owner” he brought along two goons for muscle and told my friend that in 30 days he would be vacating the premises one way or the other.This is how many of the bldgs. were bought and the families forced out .Sadly I have to admit this was done by our own kind{fellow Italians] who had all the money in the world and who promptly raised rents by 500% or more.This is the real story of how the NE changed.

  12. People only get away with what you allow them to get away with. This weekend was a disaster
    in the No. End and all these misfits that just moved in are not Young Professionals, they are
    college kids, who smoke outside of the buildings & talk all nite long without any consideration for
    those of us who might not be on the same time schedule as they are.

    There should never have to be a lack of QUALITY OF LIFE due to these Absentee Slumlords &
    Absentee Landlords who rent to just about anyone, for the LOVE OF MONEY. They are the same problem buildings, I say let us get Suffolk & Emerson
    Representatives involved again & quiet these MISFITS down one way or another.

    The City & State have to step up to the Plate and find housing for these Misfits, other than the
    No. End. We have suffered for far too many years due to these Absentee Slumlords, and now
    we have people moving in the Neighborhood with their Children & why should they have to be
    subjected to this crap Beacon Hill Got Rid of Most of Them & We Can do it TOO.

      1. LLR, that’s how we stopped the arsonist back then who was pouring gasoline on the stairwells and lighting bldgs. on fire. He killed 1 or two people I cant remember but I do remember patrolling the neighborhood with scores of NEnders to protect the residents and families.Car after car filled with guys trying to catch this maniac all night long. We never caught him but we did stop him from burning anymore bldgs. and hurting anyone else.

    1. Maybe we need to pickup the s**t they leave and put it on the absentee landlords lawns in Medford and Saugus !!!!! OH AND MAYBE SOME HEAVY FINE FOR THE TRASH IN FRONT OF THEIR BUILDINGS INSTEAD OF $50 it should be $500

  13. Too bad The Rats weren’t around.

    What, no wiping ?

    Show this video to the next man she goes with.

  14. Regardless of who is to blame for what is happening in this neighborhood one fact is indisputable and it is that the NE is much more filthier and far less safer than it has ever been!

  15. I have a suggestion, and it may not be a solution, but it could possibly weed out some of these
    Misfits that are moving down here.

    Does anyone remember what happened to poor Mrs. Gennari from Prince St. She had a sign on
    her roof door that read Nobody was allowed on her roof since 1959, and a friend of her tenant
    was drunk, out of her mind, and fell off the roof and sued Mrs. Gennari & was awarded $750,000.

    This IS what I am getting at, let us make it hard for these misfits to move in the Neighborhood by
    Tenants MUST HAVE INSURED MOVERS TO MOVE IN. What will this accomplish? It is a
    much bigger expense to hire INSURED MOVERS, and it also PROTECTS LANDLORDS from
    being sued. If any tenant falls or gets hurt in the process of the move in, guess what, there
    will be a LAWSUIT. If you observed most of these trucks over this weekend, they were U HAULS,
    and this makes it that much easier for these college kids to move in our Neighborhood. Like I said,
    this may not be a SOLUTION, but it is a greater expense to move in the Neighborhood and when
    the Slumlords finally repair their properties we just might get a Better Class of People moving in
    and less College Students. No matter which way you look at it, remember it is the Absentee LANDLORD that
    is still the MAJOR PROBLEM, and another idea is to fine the REAL ESTATE AGENCY who is
    renting to these MISFITS that are creating all this havoc in the No. End.

    1. NO. END LANDLORD,These college kids have no respect for anything or anybody and it’s not just isolated to the NE.You will find the same problems in Allston.Brighton,Cambridge or anywhere else they live and they could care less about tradition or their neighbors.And mommy and daddy will always bail them out of the situations that they get themselves into.

    2. Omg I just got through talking to my son and he stepped in poop that had toilet paper stuck to it of course he had to throw out his expensive running sneakers we got for his b day how disgusting! That was on Salem st not same poop! I don’t really think its people who live here they are visitingb the slum landlords people that do live here This has been the worst time ever with the garnage

      1. You do know that shoes are cleanable, right? I think throwing a pretty new pair of “expensive running shoes” away is a little bit of an overreaction to stepping in poop. I know it sucks to have to scrape the remnants out of the creases, but a little bit of work and bleach can work wonders.

        1. What do you care if this mother decided to throw out the shoes? Did you pay for them? Not your business and no need for you to be so condescending

        2. haha I thought the same thing BL! inconvenience and gross? YES, but kind of a waste to throw away “expensive running shoes”

  16. Yes! it is disgraceful to witness this young female relieving herself in our streets, although i due honestly believe that most human beings would resort to defecating in the street, than in their pants in an urgent situation.
    the disrespectful dog owners who leave their pets feces all over our sidewalks, streets,and parks are not only disgraceful, but just plain arrogant, and have no regard for their community or neighbors. they are the true pigs.
    i am so tired of cleaning feces up outside my property, they think it is no big deal, how come you never see them letting their dog shit outside their door.
    we need to really look into the DNA feces testing, of course not all dog owners have licenses, but those that have them would be called in to leave samples.
    the fines would be heavy and enforced.
    feces is a serious health hazard, so yes! it is a serious complaint.
    i am tired of the replies that constantly state that dog feces, trash, and disturbing the peace are foolish things to voice our concerns about.
    these are the problems that plague our community.
    how did this neighborhood morph so quickly into Animal House?
    i work at a local university here in the city, and not all young people/college kids behave badly.
    they are young and experiencing life for the first time on their own, influenced by their peers, and the pressures of society for young adults.
    we really need to look at how we got here, we are at a reaction management state, we need to implement prevention management, running around putting out fires is simply poor management in 2013..
    property owners and Realtor’s have created a high volume transient living environment in the North End, manipulating pricing and creating a fee based revenue market. residents just keep moving within the North End, often quarterly, due to roommate exchanges.
    they have turned the North End into a revolving door, to their bank.
    nothing illegal about capitalism; someone has to win and someone has to loose; and yes sometimes even the winners have lost.
    the chamber of commerce is organizing a clean the streets campaign on September 21st.
    i will not be participating that day, my wife and i clean the sidewalk and streets constantly around our property.
    i hope they are cleaning the entire North End, because a high percentage of debris that litters our streets is from the restaurant and bakeries, pizza boxes to go dishes etc.
    this debris often ends up several streets from its origin, these establishments should be cleaning the streets weekly.
    we better start looking at cause if we truly want to mange the effects.
    who is truly shitting all over the North End?
    signing off from a 22 story college dormitory, which is both cleaner and quieter than the North End.
    hopefully more people will start giving a crap! in their community.

  17. Guys, I understand feces in front of your door might not be the best thing to see in the morning but you should at least give this girl the benefit of the doubt….to resort to such an act must have meant that at the late hour she could not find another place to relieve herself…how many public restrooms do you know in the NE? Or place open past 2 AM? When nature calls you have to go. Should she have come clean it up the next day? Yes, most definitely, but demonizing her is a little over the top.

    With regards to the gentrification of NE and the rest of Boston…it’s inevitable and it’s only bound to bring wealth and most importanly safety into the neighbourhoods and the city. Look at the South End for example and how much it’s changed…the problem is that there are still pockets of the OLD that bring the whole nieghbourhood down. We should appreciate our city’s history but realize it’s just history. Just because NE was once Italian immigrants doesn’t mean it has to keep the same…we progress and move on. If you owned a building in the NE I’m sure you would charge as much as you could for it, it’s a capitalistic society we live in and nobody would sacrifice their family’s wealth for the sake of a neighbourhood and tradition

    1. If she did not live here then she must have been here at a party and unlike back in the old days, apartments here do have bathrooms. She could have used the one in the place where she got loaded. OR walked up to the Pompei on Hanover St, bought a cup of coffee and used the bathroom there. The girl has no class and should be ashamed of herself. The outrage has little to do with gentrification and more to do with the complete lack of respect these young people have for the residents of the city’s neighborhood. Based on the attitudes of many of the parents I saw moving their evil spawn into overpriced apartments this weekend, I am not surprised. what is that saying “monkey see, monkey do”. You are clueless as to what people will or will not do to preserve the traditions of the North End so why not just MYOB

  18. Confused ,back in the old days we did have bathrooms the only problem was that they were in the hallways and you had to share them with all the other families who lived on the same floor.

  19. Fellow Bostonian, I cant understand how you can try to condone and justify this type of behavior. People should not let their dogs do this.And where do you see safety in the city of Boston?

  20. This was not exactly how I intended to inspire today’s youth…

    Everybody stutters one way or the other,
    So Check out my message to you.
    As a matter of fact, don’t let nothin’ hold you back.
    If the Scatman can do it, brother, so can you.


    Ski bi di bi di do bap do
    Do bam do

  21. This is disgusting and the girl in this video should be ashamed of herself. This site is a great place to complain and to ask for greater enforcement of laws, but I have never seen anyone embrace a real solution. Here’s one:

    Pick a neighborhood with very few residents and make it a true late night neighborhood. Bars open way past 2, pizza places, diners, night clubs. Make it look and feel like a real city, not Boston. Have the business owners who operate there pay a high tax for public safety and cleaning in exchange for the increased hours. People who want to be drunken idiots will go there.

    Do you think these kids want to be getting drunk in cramped apartments in a neighborhood where their neighbors hate them? I doubt it. They party here because Boston gives them no other choices. As a result every neighborhood that has some bars, especially the North End, is constantly complaining about noise because there is no place to get drunk without bothering the neighbors.

    Boston is practicing late night prohibition. Just like prohibition didn’t stop people from drinking, it just made them do it illegally, our prohibition isn’t stopping people from being out late at night, it’s just forcing them to do it on our blocks, instead of somewhere more appropriate.

    People tend to not like this line of reasoning and either assume that I am a college kid or that I am an apologist for their behavior. I’m not; I’m a pragmatist and I can see that the “enforce the rules and make everything shut down early” approach doesn’t work, even if we want it to. It’s time to try something else.

  22. One late night last summer, I looked out my window to see a guy peeing in my North End alley. I yelled at him to get out of there, and he casually responded, “in a minute.” I ran downstairs and he was still there, and his urine was running under my gate. He stood there, looked at me, and said, “oops.” When he walked away, I waited a few minutes and followed him. I saw him walk into the apartment across the street, and walked up and asked him how he could possibly pee on a neighbor’s walkway. His response? “My girlfriend was in the can, and I had to go.” So I called 911. The police response? ‘Haven’t you ever had to go? We have more important things to do.”

    So if the police don’t care, what are the chances this is going to be fixed?

  23. Some old timers anticipated this behavior others even predicted it but no-one wanted to see this happen. To watch what some people are doing to this neighborhood is a shame and an insult.I was in the St. Aggripina club on opening night of the feast and a couple of woman [long time residents of the NE] were commenting on what’s going on and I could not belive my ears as both expressed fear living here and one said the “place is becoming a jungle”

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