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Tuesday July 30, 2013 News & Views: Rainbow After the Storm

Neighborhood View of the Day:

The amazement continues in the Summer of Rainbows as captured on Monday night by David Arnold over the waterfront and Boston Harbor.

Rainbow over North End waterfront and Boston Harbor – July 29, 2013 – Photo by David Arnold

North End / Waterfront Events on the Calendar:

  • The folks at Galleria Umberto are back from their month long vacation … get your pizza fix on Hanover Street.

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  • Another Opinion { Now wear am gonna buy my shoes? What’s more traditional than a shoe store? } – Jul 29, 10:11 PM
  • Another Opinion { It was worth it to see him beat the hell out of Shmelling. } – Jul 29, 9:37 PM
  • John Levensrn { I checked today. Those two blocks on Hanover on the side of mikes do NOT have the 6pm resident restriction. So the answer remains a… } – Jul 29, 9:24 PM
  • John Levensrn { So all of the guys running the kitchens in the north end who speak Spanish aren’t immigrants? } – Jul 29, 8:16 PM
  • Rhonda { Here we are a week later; today I took a different approach. I swept my corner after the trash collector came. Maybe we should all… } – Jul 29, 7:49 PM
  • JAMES PARDY { Last Friday morning I called the Mayor’s Office because of two incidents of recycle materials being out in the rain in paper bags on Fulton… } – Jul 29, 7:24 PM
  • Andy { It is a pipe dream. Like Joyce said, maybe in the Fin District. Stone Street is not a public street even when those tables aren’t… } – Jul 29, 5:21 PM

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