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Friday July 26, 2013 News & Views: St. Joseph’s Feast Opens on Hanover St. & Berklee Concert on Greenway

Neighborhood View of the Day:

It’s all coming together for Opening Night of the St. Joseph’s Feast on Friday at Hanover and Battery Streets. Here’s a view of the chapel under construction.

Feast Chapel for St Joseph Under Construction – July 2013 – Photo by Matt Conti

North End / Waterfront Events on the Calendar:

  • Saint Joseph’s Feast Opens at 5:00 pm on Hanover Street (and Battery St.) – See the full schedule poster – Opening night will have entertainment by the Italian Serenaders, North End Marching Band and Gian Faraone.
  • The first Berklee College of Music Concert is at 12pm on the North End Greenway Parks featuring jazz vocalist Lauren Desberg.

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  • Resident { Agreed. The price point of the NE apts still prices out most college students, recent grads and other problematic demographics. } – Jul 25, 10:29 PM
  • Julie { The trash gods have heard our collective complaints and took the toilet away! Seeing it gone was the best part of my day. } – Jul 25, 10:29 PM
  • Resident { I always try to find a hotel lobby if I need a bathroom while I’m out. They are cleaned frequently and usually pretty nice. Just… } – Jul 25, 10:25 PM
  • Resident { Dumpsters may help avoid these issues if they were available… } – Jul 25, 10:23 PM
  • Lilfan { Hee hee } – Jul 25, 10:06 PM
  • Lilfan { I really don’t understand why no. End landlord is getting ‘thumbs down’ on his or her comment. They are correct in their statement. If we… } – Jul 25, 10:04 PM
  • NO. END LANDLORD { There is major construction going on at the Cooper Street location, is there any chance this toilet bowl might have come from that location? } – Jul 25, 9:02 PM

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