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Photo of the Day: Picking a Lawn Spot with Fido at the Park

It’s a lot of fun to bring Fido to the park and lay out on the grass. But when all the lawn areas at Christopher Columbus Park are open and inviting, would you select the one spot literally within INCHES of the “No Dogs, Please” sign? The sun was beaming down, I took out my phone and waved at the sign. They laughed.

No Dogs Please at Christopher Columbus Park – June 2013 – Photo by Matt Conti


23 Replies to “Photo of the Day: Picking a Lawn Spot with Fido at the Park

  1. Is the whole park now “No Dogs”? I come in for an event every year and like to bring my dog – the harbor walk website still lists the park as dog-ok. Any info would be appreciated- don’t want to be like these two!

  2. Is the park no dogs allowed per the parks department? It was my understanding that dogs are allowed in the parks so long as they are on leash. This sign does not look like a city parks sign

  3. The public park is dog-friendly. There are several large open areas where dogs play all the time. As I understand it, this one sign identified as from the Friends group was placed on this small side “crescent” where they maintain a garden. Obviously, it’s not working.

  4. The obnoxiousness of many dog owners is beyond reproach. Bringing their dogs to people-only parks and forcing people to go up to them and point at a sign is just plain inconsiderate behavior. We need someone to start issuing $100 tickets to these dog owners. Now, you have dog owners bringing their dogs to run in the greenway at Hanover. Running around, bothering people, using the grass as a toilet. It is absurd and needs to be handled with swift action.

    1. As JB and Matt Conti have already pointed out, the pictured sign was not installed by the city. It’s merely a polite request from Friends of Christopher Columbus Park to keep dogs out of the garden. As the pictured dog is on the grass and not in a garden, I don’t see any problem. We need someone to start issuing $100 tickets to people who can’t mind their own business!

      1. It is a public park with rules so it is the business of other people to point out violations. That is the problem today. Some people …like the girls in the picture …think rules do not apply to them and they can just do whatever they want and the hell with everyone else. Not their problem if the next person comes along and sits in dog crap. BTW…dogs are allowed in the park but must be on a leash.
        FYI…There is a city parks & rec sign that you cannot miss telling visitors to keep dogs on a leash. Maybe if dog owners were fined they would pay more attention to the signs and be good neighbors and citizens. I would like to issue $100 tickets to people who make stupid suggestions.

        1. So if your theory is correct that means because I pay taxes to the city of boston and maintain the sidewalk in front of the building then I can put a sign up saying don’t walk on the sidewalk and fine any one who walks there? I mean come on your argument is foolish. The FOCCP do not own the public land. Last time I checked the meer volunteering on public land doesn’t give you the ownership, but maybe I am just making a stupid suggestion. The fact that they volunteer and spend time there is great for them but them doesn’t give them the right to enforce made up laws. If the City of Boston wants to come up with an ordinance then that’s fine but please don’t start making up laws

        2. Then what is your problem with this scenario? The dog IS on a leash.

          “Some people …like the girls in the picture …think rules do not apply to them and they can just do whatever they want and the hell with everyone else.”

          Apparently the law DOES apply to her, and she IS following them.

    2. Take it easy, Champ. That dog doesn’t seem to be bothering anybody, so why are you so annoyed? Maybe you need to take a deep breath and realize that other people have rights too.

      1. Nobody has a right to do whatever the hell they want. If you see a sign that says no dogs then move somewhere else.It is that simple. Grass or Garden does not matter. If the FOCCP (who spend volunteer time and raise money to maintain the gardens and put on activities in the park for the public) put up a sign asking people to stay out of a certain area, people should show some respect and not plop themselves and dogs down right in front of the sign. sort of the quitessential eff you gesture don’t ya think?
        The owner’s behavior is what is annoying.

        1. Actually, everyone has the right to do whatever the hell they want, so long as they’re not breaking the law. The pictured sign was not posted by “the law,” and the dog is not doing anything to damage the garden.

        2. If the owner is being responsible and cleaning up after their dog (and not allowing it to dig or otherwise mess up the park), why should they not be allowed to enjoy the park? Just because someone put a “No dogs” sign up doesn’t make it right. What harm is caused by this lady with the dogs?

          1. Because they’re trying to keep a nice garden, a nice garden. When did it become ok for dog owners to take over a park where kids used to play? Now you have to watch for dog mess or making sure your kid doesn’t twist an ankle in one of the many holes created by one of your ‘babies’. Take your dog to a dog park. One doesn’t exist and having a dog is that important to you? Move.

            1. I could see being upset if, say, the dog were uprooting tulip bulbs in a flower bed, but for God’s sake, it’s standing beside its owner on a lawn. It’s not doing any more damage to the grass than would a child playing tag, and I’m not sure how this eminently reasonable behavior constitutes a takeover. To the contrary, I typically see a mix of sunbathers, dog owners, and children happily coexisting in the park. Which brings me to my next point…

              Christopher Columbus Park is nice, but let’s face facts: it’s a small lawn in the middle of downtown Boston. If access to dog-free open space is that important to you, move to the suburbs, maintain a back yard, and visit larger parks.

              Until then, recognize that the city permits dogs in Christopher Columbus Park, and dog owners have no less right to enjoy it than you do.

            1. Oh really. So dogs now take priority over kids? If you need to run your dog, do it a place where it’s legal. Take a few minutes and look at the signs posted. The signs do not say, “keep all kids leashed’, but they do say, per order of the City of Boston “Al;l dogs must be on a leash’. When you learn how to read, come back to us.

            2. The signs do not say, “keep all kids leashed’, but they do say, per order of the City of Boston “Al;l dogs must be on a leash’.
              Perhaps they should. Most kids cause more trouble than 12 pound dogs.

              When you learn how to proofread, come back to us.

    1. Not sure what leash laws have to do with kids, but in any event, the pictured dog is plainly wearing a harness.

  5. And actually, this argument went on last summer. No worries, run your dogs, and we’ll just continue to call the police/dog officer and report it every time you do.

    1. Actually, I don’t own any dogs or children. I’m just amused by the sanctimonious crusade against the former.

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