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North End Ready for the Bruins vs. Blackhawks Series – Mayors’ Bets Are Set

The North End’s Amoroso family is ready for the Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Finals. Justin Amoroso shares the latest version of decked out Lewis Street.

Ready for the Stanley Cup Finals - June 2013 - Photo by Justin Amoroso
Ready for the Stanley Cup Finals – June 2013 – Photo by Justin Amoroso

2013 Stanley Cup Series Schedule

  • Game 1: Bruins at Blackhawks—8 p.m. Wed. June 12 (NBC)
  • Game 2: Bruins at Blackhawks—8 p.m. Sat. June 15 (NBCSN)
  • Game 3: Blackhawks at Bruins—8 p.m. Mon. June 17 (NBCSN)
  • Game 4: Blackhawks at Bruins—8 p.m. Wed. June 19 (NBC)
  • *Game 5: Bruins at Blackhawks—8 p.m. Sat. June 22 (NBC)
  • *Game 6: Blackhawks at Bruins—8 p.m. Mon. June 24 (NBC)
  • *Game 7: Bruins at Blackhawks—8 p.m. Wed. June 26 (NBC)

*-if necessary

Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel Letter to Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino:

Dear Mayor Tom Menino,

Chicago and Boston. Boston and Chicago. Both cities with bands named after them. Both working class American cities whose stories are intertwined forever with the story of this great nation. Both cities for whom politics is a sport. And, speaking of sports, both are cities with “Original Six” hockey teams.

In honor of the Boston Bruins quest to be the runner up for the 2013 NHL Stanley Cup, after they take on our beloved Chicago Blackhawks in an “Original Six” matchup, a bet is in order. In the very unlikely event that the Bruins somehow defeat the Blackhawks, I am glad to provide you an abundance of treats from Chicago, so you can experience the cultural, entertainment, and culinary delights that this great city has to offer. Boston is a nice little town, sure, but we thought you might enjoy seeing what it’s like in the big city.

Here’s what we’ll send along:

* Corned beef sandwiches from Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen. Don’t worry, it’s not Manny Ramirez’s deli. We’ll have some potato pancakes sent along as well.
* You are from Beantown, so I’ll take go and take a special touristy photo of myself at “the Bean” for your wall. Maybe I’ll do that funny thing where you pretend it’s in the palm of your hand.
* You love culture, right? How about some tickets to Chicago’s Tony-award winning Steppenwolf Theatre Company?
* Chicago is a great sports town, and so I think you’ll look great in your new “Menino 13” Blackhawks jersey. Who says 13 is unlucky?
* You guys have the Green Monster; we’ve got the Green Line. We’ll send along a couple “original” six-packs of Green Line beer and some Goose Island Beer Co. Root Beer for the Mayor.
* Both our cities take food seriously. So we’ll make sure you get an array of Chicago’s finest – Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Robinsons BBQ sauce, El Milagro tortillas, and Al’s #1 Italian Beef Sandwiches. And you can have a 2013 version of the Boston Tea Party with all the Argo Tea we send your way.
* Boston is the home of the American Revolution, so be on the lookout for the Revolution Brewing Company t-shirt we send your way.
* Special note — there will be a bottle of Sriracha hot sauce in there. Re-gifted from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa — he sent us way too much stuff after we beat the Kings the other day.
* Finally, we’ll plant a tree in the schoolyard of your choice, to highlight our common commitment to education, parks and the environment.

Like I said, if the Hawks don’t win, I’ll get this stuff on a plane to you asap. I’ll have to let you know later which airport the flight is coming from – we’ve got two.

Let me know what you think. We’ll see you guys on the ice.



Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino Letter to Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel:

Dear Mayor Emanuel & Chicago Mayor’s Office,

Thank you for the note. It’s no surprise that such a verbose letter came from the Windy City.

I understand that as a new mayor over in the “big city” (which I hear sits on a very nice lake) you’re not accustomed to making these wagers very often, but I commend you on an admirable attempt.

You see, here in Boston, we have sports fans with a little something called heart. And so, as one of the country’s winningest mayors (championship titles, municipal elections, etc.), I’d like to offer you the following, though I feel strongly none of these items will be arriving at either of your airports:

– The “Best of Boston’s Local Foods,” foods that are grown or produced right here in the Hub, including some of our abundant seafood;
– Access to the City of Boston’s website for one day, to post a promotional video touting Chicago and its great attractions – no profanities, please;
– I’ll see your Steppenwolf with two tickets to the Tony Award-winning Huntington Theatre Company, and raise you two tickets to Theo Epstein’s Hot Stove, Cool Music concert in Boston;
– And of course, I’ll match you a tree, to be planted in the schoolyard of your choosing, highlighting our common commitment to education, parks and the environment.

I look forward to receiving your package. Please use ground transport as I would like to avoid any weather delays.

Thomas M. Menino
Mayor of Boston