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North End Beautification Committee Clean-up Program Gets Underway

Martin (left), Job Coach Courtney and Sean from the Work Inc. crew hired to help clean North End streets. (Photo by Phil Orlandella)

As previously reported, the North End Beautification Committee (NEBC) has developed a 12 week pilot program with Work, Inc. and Boston Public Works to beautify the streets throughout the North End. The primary goal of this program is to collect any litter on the sidewalks and street curbs and also to clean and wipe down the Big Belly Trash containers.

NEBC has hired two gentleman to kick off this pilot program that are designated for the cleanup during four hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday. If you see these gentleman working, please feel free to say hello and thank them for a job well done!

Work, Inc. is a community-based non-profit that trains people with disabilities for the workforce. NEBC would like to thank MSA Mortgage Company and the North End Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this pilot program.

The North End Beautification Committee is Allison Seavey, Dave Grant, Stephen Passacantilli and Patricia Thiboutot. Contact them at if you would like to donate or volunteer.

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  1. Please make sure they clean up around Bova’s in a 100 yard radius. The walk up to the Old North Church is littered with trash!

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