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Latest North End Attraction: Bee Swarm at Prince and Salem Street

North Enders have seen just about seen everything in the neighborhood, but the latest “attraction” – an enormous group of bees – is the talk of the town. The swarm has taken up residence on a building awning at the corner of Prince and Salem Streets, above Dino’s Cafe across from Bova’s Bakery. It’s not clear whether the bees are making a nest or just taking a break before they move on.

6/15/13 9:00 pm update: A bee professional was seen taking the queen bee and most of the swarm away in a box. Several hundred continue to buzz around, but are expected to dissipate.

Many thanks to Lori Demarco Toscano for the honey sweet photos!

3 Replies to “Latest North End Attraction: Bee Swarm at Prince and Salem Street

  1. They’re honey bees. They should move on on their own. They cant nest just attached to the side of something like a building,… they nest in a hollow tree or bee box.

  2. The property owner should make sure that the bees are not breaching / nesting inside the walls, which can lead to costly restorations. Honey Bees nest in building walls. Make sure your exteriors are free from entry points big enough to let in a highly-skilled flying insect (sometimes as small as a quarter inch.

    If bees have breached, it is important to follow a powder poison protocol and block the holes. Even after just the initial stages, some remediation may be necessary. Consult an exterminator.

    Helpful tip: to prevent bees / hornets/ wasps from building exterior nests, spray under your eaves with WD-40 before nest-seeking season.

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