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AP: North End Resident and Marathon Amputee, Roseann Sdoia, “Strides Forward”

Roseann Sdoia, a North End victim of the Boston Marathon bombings, continues to make strides including intense physical therapy to replace her right leg with a prosthetic limb. The Associated Press’ Bridget Murphy filed a report on including the video embedded above.

On April 15, she saw a flash of light at her feet while watching for a friend to pass her on Boylston Street on the way to the race’s finish line. Then she heard a popping noise and realized it was too late to run away.

Since then, Sdoia has battled against indulging her disability. She didn’t want to have someone pushing her around in a wheelchair or to think too much about the suspects who changed her life and ended three others. As time passed, she found her emotions weren’t as raw as in the beginning. But being up on two legs again has brought some strong feelings bubbling to the surface.

The resident of Boston’s North End spent about a week at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital recently for therapy aimed at getting her accustomed to her new prosthetic.

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