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4th Annual North 2 South Baseball Classic Ceremony [Photos]

The opening ceremonies were held on Monday night for the 4th Annual North2South Baseball Classic, sponsored by State Representative Aaron Michlewitz. The North End game had to be called off early because of rain and lightning. The series will resume on Wednesday at Peter’s Park in the South End.

This baseball exchange, consists of two games that match up all-star teams from both  neighborhoods, started in 2010 by Rep. Michlewitz.  So far, the South End leads the series 3-2 with 1 tie. (We will update this when we get the 2013 results.) “I am proud that we have been able to create a partnership between these two exceptional baseball programs and two great neighborhoods that I have the honor to represent,” said Rep. Michlewitz.

At the ceremony, North End Athletic Association (NEAA) Sports Coordinator John Romano introduced North End Coach Domenic DiCenso and South End Coach Pete Shults. NEAA President Dom Campochiaro threw out the first pitch for this year’s 2-game series. Rep. Michlewitz donated shirts and refreshments for the event. Shirt colors this year were blue for the North End and maroon for the South End team. Regina’s Pizza was also enjoyed by the players and crowd before the lightning started in the 2nd inning.

Photos by Matt Conti