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NY Times Profiles Elena Barbera, Climbing for a Cause

Photo: Gretchen Erti for the New York Times

We recently profiled “Eliot School Mom” and Charlestown resident, Elena Barbera, about how she was climbing Bunker Hill Monument for a month to raise money for the 14 victims of the Boston Marathon attacks who are now amputees.

Friday’s New York Times features Elena and her efforts:

Elena Barbera, a writer who has lived in Boston for 14 years, climbs it every morning to look over a city slowly recovering from the Boston Marathon bombings, which, about one month ago, killed three people and injured more than 260.

“I’m not trying to beat any fitness records — I just have to get to the top every day,” said Ms. Barbera, a slight 39-year-old who is ascending the 294 steps of the monument’s stone spiral staircase for 30 days straight to raise money for the marathon attack’s amputees.

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North Ender Becca Griffin is organizing folks to climb with Elena and can be contacted at

Elena’s campaign has raised over $8,000 as of this writing. See more information and how to donate here.