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536 Commercial Street Listed for Sale After Controversial Zoning Relief Approval

536 Commercial St. MLS Listing

Following a controversial zoning relief decision at 536 Commercial Street, the single-family residence was listed for sale this week at $3,995,000. Last summer, the Zoning Board of Appeal approved the conversion of the 3-family building into a single-family including an enlarged head house and roof deck on the 4-story building. The property was purchased for $984,000 in June 2011, before the renovations.

The neighborhood groups were split on the issue presented by property owner, Dr. Akhy Kahn. The Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) voted in favor of granting the zoning variances while the Residents’ Association (NEWRA) voted against the plan. Neighbors at 540 Commercial Street expressed concerns at the community meetings, mostly about the roof deck.

The building is located adjacent to Copp’s Hill Terrace Park. It is not clear whether the property was lived in after the conversion, that also included a curb cut onto Commercial St. for a private garage.

The property is currently listed with the following description:

This extraordinary never before available one-of-a-kind single family residence overlooking Boston Harbor is truly a sight to behold! Featuring an architecturally designed cherry design concept with glass transoms and stainless steel throughout, enhanced by 30 windows showcasing mesmerizing water views from every room. Complete with the rarely available private garage and a gorgeous roof deck with all the flair of living in the heart of today’s vibrant Waterfront. Asking price: $3,995,000

15 Replies to “536 Commercial Street Listed for Sale After Controversial Zoning Relief Approval

  1. Thanks for following up on this story. I guess the moral is, buy a North End property, get a zoning variance for free and then make $3 million. It’s like money is dropping from the sky.

  2. it will never sell for that price. still, i am waiting for this trend to overtake the north end – multi-unit buildings being converted to single-unit buildings. it will certainly be good for trash and parking concerns.

    1. Except when the new single-unit buildings gets a curb cut. At 536 Commercial, the neighborhood lost one parking space open to all residents in order to create a private parking space for one future resident. So that doesn’t seem to ease the parking concerns of the neighborhood.

      1. It eases the strain of all of the tenants or separate condo owners taking up resident spaces. One person parking as opposed to a possible 4-8 or more.

  3. For 4mill why live in congested area it’s crazy but someone with money to burn will buy it sadly ,,why lol

  4. Having walked by this building everyday, and then gone through at a realtor’s open house, I can attest that the “owner” has never lived there and obviously had no intention of ever doing so. I do not mind having a single family addition to the area, but I do object to claiming you are going to live in it in order to gain approvals.

    On a separate note – kitchen, living and dining area are all on fourth floor! No elevator. Maybe you hire someone to carry your groceries up at that price.

  5. The North End is like a Prostitute and every Pimp in the City is looking to make Money off of her.
    Money the Root of all Evil, no truer words were ever said. This small little area is student & rat
    infested. I can’t wait for the City Inspectors to go through all the buildings that are in dying need
    of repairs & improvements, it is horrifying. When the No. End was considered a Slum it was never
    as filthy as it is now. Hopefully, the City will step up to the Plate, put Cameras in the Problem Areas
    dealing with Trash, Vandalism & Noise and we can get these misfits out of the area for once & for all.
    People trying to make Money is not an issue, but trying to make Money at someone else’s expense is.
    God Bless Beacon Hill the People show up at all the Meetings & they seem to get what they want,
    and Rightfully so.

    1. Your point about Beacon Hill is so true. ALL OTHER neighborhoods in Boston have strong active resident groups and architectural guidelines to adhere to. The business owners and developers have to answer to them and uphold promises. The North End has never had that!
      It is really starting to show in the mayhem we are stuck with.

      1. the north end works the opposite way – the residents answer to the businesses and the businesses answer to nobody.

  6. While Money might be the root of some evil, price is also the best indicator of value. There is a lot of negativity surrounding this unit. While I agree that exemptions should be obtained in a legal manner, the value of this unit only serves to boost the value of every other property in the north end. What better way to get the so-called “misfits” out than price them out? And since when is Beacon Hill not rat infested and free of noise?
    This comment simply trashes the North End. How does that even make sense under an article that lists a $4M property?

    1. Beacon Hill does get what they want and they do not have the problems the No. End has because they have strict rules, especially when it comes to liquor licenses. I have spoken to Beacon Hill Residents and they do not have the students we have and it is a lot quieter than the No. End. Beacon Hill Trash & Noise is definitely not as bad as the No. End. I don’t know how many times you frequent Beacon Hill, but it is nothing like the No. End. The only thing the No. End has over Beacon Hill is Liq. Lic. & Students, and possibly a lot more Absentee Slumlords. Bay Realty is advertising on Craigslist a 4 Bed. 3 Bath. Unit for $4400, and reads close to Suffolk & Emerson, which tells me they are willing to rent to Students, and this is a Major Problem in the No. End. We have the best fed rats in the City with a very big selections of Restaurants in this small, cramped area, why wouldn’t we have more rats than Beacon Hill?

        1. Flash, If you owned a car and didn’t park in a garage you might know the answer
          to the question, and not to mention the slumlords that also harbor these rats.

  7. My parents first apartment was at 536 Commercial St.I spent my first five years living there.I remember having to go out to the hallway to use the bathroom,which had no sink,bathtub or shower.They used to bathe me in the kitchen sink.Wow,how things have changed!!!!This was back in 1960.

  8. Wow great return on investment if he can pull it off. At that price it should have a yacht parking across the street.

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