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Scheduled just days after the Boston Marathon bombings, this year’s Eucharistic Congress candlelight procession through the North End almost didn’t happen. As described in a Boston Pilot article, organizers were sensitive to the demands of Boston Police coming off that week’s ordeal. Thanks to a willing police detail, hundreds of young adults were able to go ahead on Saturday, April 20, 2013 with the candlelight procession from Sacred Heart Church in North Square to St. Leonard’s Peace Garden on Hanover Street. As church bells rang, participants walked with candles, lanterns and “Pray for Boston” signs in the street procession. Prayers were said for the victims of the Marathon attacks as well as those that responded to the tragedy.

Also see the photos from the procession here.

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  1. Matt…This is a marvelous site – all of it!
    Today’s video of the Eucharistic Procession is just wonderful! As a resident of Fleet Street for almost 18 years, it sure brings back great memories! The best thing about living there was the fact that I had a Catholic church around each of 3 corners only a block or two away!! 🙂

    Keep up your great work!
    (P.S.: Could you show someone in how to put together such a terrific site for Southie!?! 🙂

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