Shade Umbrellas Coming to North End Greenway Parks This Spring


As the better weather arrives, a recurring issue on the North End Greenway Parks is the lack of shade. In response to feedback including the recent community workshop, the Greenway Conservancy has approved a $15,000 expenditure for 11 new shade umbrellas on the hardscape surface under the pergola area. At the workshop, the type of umbrellas discussed were the green umbrellas seen elsewhere on the Greenway and capable of handling heavy winds. The new umbrellas are expected to arrive on Parcels 8 and 10 by June 2013.

The announcement was made at the April 9, 2013 Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Board Meeting, shown in the short video above. Below is a photo of the existing unshaded pergola and an example of the umbrellas on the Rowes Wharf Greenway Plaza area. (Note: The umbrellas might not be exactly the same as at Rowes Wharf.)

2 Replies to “Shade Umbrellas Coming to North End Greenway Parks This Spring

  1. I always wondered why they didn’t have some shade on the Greenway. That was only common sense to have some shade. Those skimpy umbrella’s don’t look like they are going to give much shade. They should put something over the top of those ugly boards. They could have designed that much prettier.

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