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North End Public Safety Meeting Highlights Low Overall Crime; Increase in Break-ins, More on Wiget St. Mugging [Video]

Highlights and video index timeline:

  • 00:00 Welcome by Captain Thomas Lee & Sgt. Thomas Lema of District A-1
  • 02:00 Overview of Crime Stats (see summary sheet below)
  • 04:00 Warrant Arrest, 3/19/13, Hanover St., stopped for aggressive panhandling
  • 05:20 Warrant Arrest, 3/23/13, 6am, Cleveland Pl. & Snow Hill St., stopped for climbing fire escapes
  • 06:10 Arrest for Vandalism, 269 Commercial St., Sargent’s Wharf Parking Lot, Broke down gates
  • 07:20 Street Robbery / Mugging at 18 Wiget St. – Victim beaten up and robbed for headphones by 2 male suspects in a car, victim treated at MGH, non-Boston address, incident at 3am, reported at 5am, witness account at meeting
  • 14:50 Larceny reports by Sgt. Thomas Lema
  • 15:50 String of Breaking & Enterings – 210 Endicott St., 443 Hanover St., 149 Endicott St., 5 & 7 & 13 Wiget St.

The formal part of the meeting was followed by resident discussion and Q&A. There was a request at the meeting for tips on how to target harden your home. Many of these tips are on the Breaking and Entering Bulletin, copied below. See more Police, Fire & Public Safety resources. BPD District A-1 now has a Facebook page.