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NEWF Wednesday 3/13/13: Framing Lincoln Wharf & Downtown Waterfront / Greenway District Zoning Meeting

Neighborhood View of the Day

After posting this odd angle of Lincoln Wharf’s construction, I promised to post another view from that early 1900’s set. This one shows the framing around the smoke stack of the power station (plus some railcars on Commercial Street). Thanks to a NEWF fan for sharing this scanned photo.

Lincoln Wharf Under Construction with Framing in the early 1900s

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What’s Happening In The North End / Waterfront

The Boston Redevelopment Authority is hosting a series of events to learn about the Downtown Waterfront and Greenway District Zoning Planning Initiative. The Project Overview is scheduled for Wednesday, 3/13/13, 6:30 pm at the Aquarium’s IMAX theater. See the post and follow on events.

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Lost & Found

  • Lost: Middle schooler’s purple wallet from under the play structure at the Eliot on Tuesday. Contact Becca.
  • Found: On Salutation St. & Hanover St., set of keys call Dave at 617-320-3599. Only ID is a heart shaped rabi vaccine from 2004 – Everett.


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