Event Notices

L’Aquila 3D Presentation, Inside the Closed City at Filippo Ristorante on March 22, 2013

Event announcement from Filippo Ristorante:

We invite you to a special presentation this Friday evening, March 22nd, 2013, from 6-9PM at FILIPPO Ristorante, entitled “L’Aquila 3D Presentation, Inside the Closed City”.

As you know, after the devastating earthquake of April 6th, 2009, Filippo and a group of very compassionate Boston-based friends, raised the necessary funds to build a community center in the small town of Goriano Sicoli. This amazing group of friends then announced that they would be naming it for our beloved Mark. The Mark F. Frattaroli Community Center is a state-of-the art, seismically sensitive, architecturally beautiful building serving all ages from the very young of Goriano Sicoli to the very old.

Abruzzo has been actively rebuilding, town by town, small cities to the major city of L’Aquila, severely damaged by the quake and now we invite you to see the amazing progress.

We will watch this presentation, prepared by British architect Barnaby Gunning, enjoy some wine and something to eat and marvel at the pure resilience of the Abruzzese and their determination to build up from the rubble.