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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Zeppole di San Guiseppe

Last week’s rotating puzzle threw off a lot of you, but congrats to those who finished it.

This week, St. Joseph’s Day is March 19th. Of course, that makes us think of a seasonal favorite, Zeppole di San Guiseppe. This photo is out of the box fresh from Maria’s Pastry in the North End.

It’s 60 pieces, many that look alike. It will be delicious when you finish it!

Help and directions at the gear icon in the lower left corner of the puzzle. Enjoy!

One Reply to “Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: Zeppole di San Guiseppe

  1. Of Course we finished it~~~We are NOT Quitters !!! “It always seems impossible until it’s done”~~~Nelson Mandela Thanks Matt~~Now I desire one (or two) Zeppole di san Guiseppe !!

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