Dr. Joseph Warren on the Web Archives Contributions by Famous North End Resident

Dr. Joseph Warren

There were many proud North Enders as part of the Sons of Liberty. Paul Revere gets most of the attention, but an emerging online archive is highlighting the exploits of North End hero Dr. and Major General Joseph Warren.

Dr. Joseph Warren on the Web is actively archiving the life of this Hanover Street resident where he also had his medical office. Dr. Warren sent Revere and William Dawes on their famous rides and is also known as the hero of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Sam Forman, creator of the site, is a historian, physician, educator and businessman. As a published author of a Warren biography, he has sourced text documents and photos to publish along with weekly commentary on Dr. Joseph Warren. The internet has allowed full source documents to be made freely available to the world, rather than simply through the limited words of history books. Forman intends to upload 1-2 documents a week until the archive is complete in two years.

We are always thrilled to find new historical resources related to the North End. While Revere gets millions of visitors through his famous North End residence, here is an online source of neighborhood history about another North End hero that played a key role in the founding of our country.

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