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Whole Foods Hosts Food Drive to Benefit ABCD’s West End Food Pantry

(L-R): Volunteer; Ann Shears; Lia Tota, ABCD Director of North End/ West End Neighborhood Service Center; May Tom; Laksmi Prawiroatmodjo.

Happily ready to greet shoppers, staff and volunteers from the Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), gather around a table with a display of some of the most requested food items needed for families of need for The Whole Foods Food Drive Event at the Charles River Plaza.

ABCD staff and volunteers distributed a “Wish List” to customers entering the Whole Foods Market in the West End. The shoppers were asked to consider purchasing one or more of the items from the list and to leave donations with the ABCD crew on their way out of the store. All items purchased from the “Wish List” will help to stock the ABCD West End Food Pantry located inside the West End Public Library and will directly benefit seniors and families of need in the West End community. In addition, Whole Foods agreed to match all donations received during the food drive. The Whole Foods Food Drive aims to help West End neighborhood seniors on fixed incomes and others struggling in the current harsh economy have nutritious and appealing food.