Parking Lines and Signs Conflict on Commercial Street

Parking Lines on Commercial St – Photo by Ryan Kenny

When the City installed the North End bike lanes, they also decided to paint lines as to where parking was permitted on Commercial Street. As you can see from this photo, the permitted parking line extends well beyond the “No Parking” arrow.

Ryan Kenny of NEWNC’s Traffic and Parking Committee said that at least one North End resident brought this to his attention. Apparently, numerous parking tickets have been issued for parking in this spot and another similar spot on Commercial Street.

Kenny intends to bring this issue up with Boston Transportation Department to see if they can change the “No Parking” arrow or remove the signs completely.

2 Replies to “Parking Lines and Signs Conflict on Commercial Street

  1. Why would they change the sign instead of the striping? You cant park near a corner, so the sign is right. Just add diagonal striping to indicate that further.

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