Parking is Rough in the North End

This car had a rough time at the corner of Richmond and Hanover Streets. It was there Friday and Saturday. No idea what happened, but it looks like someone sideswiped the car and tore off the front bumper and lots of other stuff with it. They don’t make cars like they used to. Parking can be rough in the North End.

Photo by Monika Skole Fuchs.

6 Replies to “Parking is Rough in the North End

  1. I recently had my Resident stickered car ticketed for parking in a visitor spot. That is the first time that has ever happened to me. It’s a shame that resident parking does not trump visitor spots. There’s no reason to have visitor spots on a street like Thacher. I wish the BTD would spend less time ticketing residents and more time ticketing visitors who park in resident spots on Thurs/Fri/Sat nights. So infuriating.

  2. tread lightly, andy. don’t you know the visitors and tourists keep this tourist trap…i mean neighborhood afloat? without them, we’d begin to resemble less desirable neighborhoods such as beacon hill or the south end. those neighborhood have amenities that actually have the nerve to cater to residents. disgusting.

  3. Andy, I would contest that ticket. Residents in the North End are now exempt from the 2 hour restriction of visitors spots. This issue has been addressed at several NEWNC meetings. I beleive the city will be changing the signs soon to reflect this new policy.

  4. Residents get exclusive unlimited use of the vast majority of parking in the neighborhood. Why can’t cars registered in the rest of the world have priority for one or two time-limited spots per block?

    1. Bob – I would have no problem never parking in a visitor spot if the BTD actually enforced resident only parking and ticketed and towed violators.

      Don’t believe me? Walk down any North End street like Salem, Cooper, North, Fulton, etc. on a Fri night or a Sat/Sun and see for yourself how many out-of-towners park in Res only spots w/o getting a ticket.

      Then drive around late at night after all the restaurants and bars clear out, those spots magically open up but only after residents had to waste time circling for a spot.

      I get city living isn’t conducive to a convenient parking situation and have resigned myself to fighting my neighbors for a spot after work. but what’s unfair is when non-residents take our spaces. that I can’t deal with.

  5. The car in the picture is still in the same spot…w/ the bumper removed. How has it been allowed to stay in it’s spot when it’s obviously not drive-able?

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