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NEWF News Tuesday 1/15/13: NEWNC Flash Report, RUFF Meeting Tonight & Remembering the Great Molasses Flood

What’s Happening In The North End / Waterfront:

RUFF, the North End dog owners group (RUFF = Responsible Urbanites for Fido) has their monthly meeting on Tuesday, 1/15/13, 7:00 pm at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. RUFF welcomes all dog owners to attend. (More details at their Facebook site.)

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What happened last night at NEWNC:

Full video reports will be forthcoming in separate posts, but here are the flash highlights:

  • Boston Police Captain Thomas Lee and Sgt. Thomas Lema appeared at the request of the Neighborhood Council to address noise and quality of life complaints. A 50 minute discussion was held at the meeting on the causes, effects and possible remedies.
  • 115A Salem St., Salem Group, LLC (Nestor Patino)  – Failed to appear at the NEWNC Meeting.
  • 5 North Square, “Gennaro’s 5 North Square” (Gerald Riccio) received NEWNC’s support in a vote of 8-1 for a new all-alcohol license to upgrade from its existing malt and wine with liqueurs license.
  • 227-237 Hanover Street, “Cobblestone Cafe” (Carla Gomes) received a supportive vote of 9-0 for a new takeout and C.V. license at the location formerly occupied by “Hot Tomatoes.”

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Notable News Found Elsewhere:

The West End Museum opens its Connections North exhibit on Tuesday. Focusing on bridges, Connections North tells a story that spans 300 years from when Harvard’s College’s main source of income was the Charlestown ferry through today and the $253 million Longfellow Bridge reconstruction project. Find out how bridges changed the city. See their website for details, directions and hours.

Remembering the Great Molasses Flood:

With today’s 94th anniversary, take a look at our special page on the Great Molasses Flood in the North End. This photo gallery, among several others, is always available under the “Photos & Videos” menu item at the top of the website.

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One Reply to “NEWF News Tuesday 1/15/13: NEWNC Flash Report, RUFF Meeting Tonight & Remembering the Great Molasses Flood

  1. The Friends of the North End Library and the librarians are having a terrible time with a couple of guys with dogs that use the front garden and refuse to clean up or go elsewhere.
    The location is Parmenter Street and we need help on this from neighbors, relatives or Ruff members.
    Thank you!

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