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Neighborhood Photo: North End Aerial at Night

North End at Night from Customs House Tower – December 2012 – Photo by Matt Conti

Neighborhood Photo of the Day:

For a long time, there has been public access ($3 donation to a local charity) to the observation deck at the top of the Custom House Tower every day at 2:00 pm (except Fridays). Now, there is a nightly opportunity at 6:00 pm, although you have to buy a $15 drink at their bar. Still, it’s something to do as a special treat. I had some guests in town for the holidays and brought them up there to get a bird’s eye view of Blink! at Faneuil Hall Marketplace (more on that in a future post).

While we were up there, I captured this night aerial photo of the North End. I didn’t have my tripod with me, so it’s not as sharp as I would have liked but the colors showed up well. You can follow the lights along Hanover Street and see the famous Old North Church spire on the left side. At night, the reflections bounce off Boston Harbor and that’s East Boston in the distance. It was cold up there and you can almost feel the dark, frigid air in the image.

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8 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: North End Aerial at Night

  1. Great picture Matt! I need to put the Custom House observation deck on my list of places to go in Boston.

  2. Matt : Is there a way in which I may purchase this photo?? I am sure a lot of locals would be interested

  3. Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

    Linda – Check out this link: and choose the Buy->This Photo
    I have been adding many of these neighborhood photos on my personal site,
    where you can order prints, mounted, framed (even fun stuff like mousepads and mugs). The orders don’t go through me, but from a separate company. The print quality is pretty good.
    You can also download a hi-res version for free there. Hover over the photo and look for the download options on the right.



  5. My grandparents’ honeymoon in 1915 was a visit to the observation deck after their wedding at Sacred Heart Church in the North End

    How nice to happen upon your beautiful photo as a reminder of this family story

    Thank you!

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