Monica’s Mercato Expanding on Salem Street

Monica’s Mercato, the longtime specialty grocery store at 130 Salem Street is expanding into the adjacent retail space in the same building. Brought to our attention by North Ender Adam Castiglioni (BHT Blog), construction is well underway at the location next to Bova’s Bakery on the corner of Prince Street. Monica’s Mercato is owned and operated by the North End’s Mendoza Brothers also of Trattoria di Monica and Vinoteca di Monica.

Photo by Adam Castiglioni.

7 Replies to “Monica’s Mercato Expanding on Salem Street

  1. This is great news. The Mercato is one the best spots in the neighborhood for sandwiches and prepared foods. Congratulations!

  2. original me here. good for monica’s. great local place that actually values the locals! owner is always a good dude when i visit. best of luck!

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