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NEMPAC Year End Fundraising Appeal

The North End Music and Performing Arts Center’s (NEMPAC’s) year end appeal has been sent to many folks by mail this week.

This year, I am also reaching out to folks on who might be interested in supporting us, and who might be able to forward along to any part of your world that might support a tiny, but growing, community non-profit.  Something I’m trying this year to hopefully make our appeal as successful as possible.

Online donations can be made:, or of course by mail. Text of our letter is below.

Thanks in advance, and all my best for a healthy and happy holiday season!


Dear North End Neighbor,

I am writing to let you know what your favorite non-profit neighborhood Music and Performing Arts Center is up to, and to ask for your support.

The North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) is a small but growing neighborhood non-profit founded in 2001 to provide arts related programming to a community that lacked this resource, and that was starting to see many children and families choosing to remain downtown, in our neighborhood and the surrounding area. Our mission is “To provide affordable arts related programming to the North End, Waterfront, and Surrounding neighborhoods.  By encouraging participation in the arts, we hope to strengthen relationships within the community and to enhance public safety”.

Currently our programming touches more than 330 kids and adults per week.  Programming includes yoga, music for babies and toddlers, Private Music Instruction for all ages, MyGym classes for children, Italian for adults and children, A Children’s Musical Theatre Workshop, Kids Rock Band, Adult Group Guitar, and a variety of adult one time lecture performances. We welcome 40 to 50 kids each and every school day at the adjacent Boston Public Eliot School, providing music and arts programming from 7:30am to 9:10am.  We offer art activities, perform music, face paint, and volunteer at neighborhood events.  We continue to grow our enthusiasm, our programming, our number “campus” of borrowed spaces and our NEMPAC community.  We are able to do all that we do because we have an ever-growing group of committed, hardworking employees and volunteers making it all happen.  We use donated space, time, instruments, and energies.  We have the support of you, our community.

During this time of giving, I am asking for your financial support.  Like so many small community-based non-profits, our revenue falls short of our expenses. Only 75% of our $200,000 annual operating budget is covered by tuition and fees.  The rest is fundraised by our volunteer board, instructors, administration and friends of NEMPAC. Our mission to “Provide affordable arts related programming to the North End, Waterfront and surrounding communities”… is achieved because of the hard work of these folks, and because of the generosity of folks like you who donate, volunteer, seek matching funds, etc.  Thank you!

Please consider the role NEMPAC plays in this community, and what that is worth to you.  No donation is too large, or too small.

As an example of what your donation could provide:

  • $600 will allow a scholarship student to study at NEMPAC for one year,
  • $250 will cover a time and materials for us to prepare and perform at a community event,
  • $100 will purchase a gently used instrument for use in our programs,
  • $25 will purchase art supplies for our Eliot School “before-school” program for one week

On behalf of the children and families of our great neighborhood, thank you for your generous support of our wonderful community-based non-profit music and performing arts center.

Sincere Thanks, and Have a Wonderful Holiday Season,

Matthew Black,
NEMPAC Board President

Rebecca Griffin,
NEMPAC Executive Director

P.O. Box 130255, Boston, MA. 02113
Headquartered on The Prado in a George Robert White Fund Facility