Greenway Conservancy Board Meeting Includes Revised By-Laws and New Community Members [Video]

Video: Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Board of Directors Meeting, December 3, 2012 at 290 Congress St., Atlantic Wharf, Boston

Meeting Agenda and Video Timeline

00:00 Welcome – Georgia Murray, Chair

01:15 Vote to Approve October 2, 2012 Meeting Minutes

02:20 Review and Vote of FY12 990 and Form PC – Chris Manfredi, Audit Committee Chair; Lisa Schimmel, Director of Finance

04:20 Review and Vote of Revised By-Laws – Georgia Murray, Chair; Goulston & Storrs

33:00 Presentation of Slate of 3 Nominations to the Board of Directors (Nominated by community organizations in the North End, Leather District and Wharf District)

A separate video post will include the Executive Director’s report and a presentation of 2 planning studies near the Greenway.