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Crowds Shop in the North End at the 6th Annual Buon Natale Holiday Shopping Stroll [Photos]

Hundreds came out for the 6th Annual Buon Natale North End Holiday Shopping Stroll on Friday night. The North End retail shops stayed open late and welcomed residents and visitors with refreshments and discounts at over 20 boutiques, galleries and design studios in the neighborhood. The shops were decorated for the holidays and “passports” guided shoppers around from store to store with the chance to win custom gift baskets.

Participating shops included neighborhood favorites – A Matter of Face, Acquire, Cocoanuts, Ensemble, Exhale Spa, Fairmont Battery Wharf, Heart & Sole, High Gear Jewelry, In-jean-ius, LIT Boutique, Luke Aaron, Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe, North Bennett St. School, Savas Studios, Sedurre, Shake the Tree, Sol Optics, Twilight & The Wine Bottega.

Your faithful editor went to every single participating shop, crowds and all. Great to see all the shop owners doing so well. Photos by Matt Conti.

Marian (right) and Lindsey at Shake the Tree on Salem Street


Nikki at Acquire on Salem Street


A Matter of Face on Hanover Street – from the left, Samantha, Meghan, Kristin, Paula and Monica


Stephanie and Courtney at Savas Studios on Hanover Street


Tara (left) and Natalie at Cocoanuts Boston on Parmenter Street


Elaine at Heart & Sole on Hanover Street


The Wine Bottega’s Kerri and Ryan on Hanover Street


Erin, Natalie and little Declan at LIT Boutique on Hanover Street


Lisa and Nehal at LIT Boutique on Hanover Street


Sandy of Lulu’s with happy stroller, Donna, on Salem Street


Mabel and Karly with Santa at the Fairmont Battery Wharf


Darlene (right), Ashleigh (center) and Merilee at High Gear Jewelry on Hanover Street


Wendy at Ensemble on Salem Street


Luke at Luke Aaron on Fleet Street


Robin and Val at Sedurre on Prince Street


It’s Joe from Sol Optics and our West End friend, Laura


Alison and Robin at Twilight on Fleet Street


Woodworking with Ed at North Bennet Street School


Exhale Spa at the Fairmont Battery Wharf


Make-up Fun at Exhale Battery Wharf


Bookbinding at North Bennet Street School – Gabby (left), Jeanne (center) and Erin


Katrina and Ken at the NBSS Gallery


Kalia, Naomi and Jocelyn at in-jean-ius on Hanover Street


Zaira with Santa at Fairmont Battery Wharf


7 Replies to “Crowds Shop in the North End at the 6th Annual Buon Natale Holiday Shopping Stroll [Photos]

  1. Tell me, where are all the Italian people owning shops in the North End, This is a disgrace…these people are only using the north end as a front. Thses should be all Italians running these places as well as all the restaurants. Most of them aren’t even Italians also. This is really ashame. Even the crimes are shy rocketing with all these non Italians living and working here. I was born and lived for years in the north end and I’ve never seen a place go down the tubes this fast. It’s really a disgrade, and the north end will

    1. Tell me, are you one of the old Italians that made millions selling out their real estate to leave the North End for the suburbs and now whine about why you have to wait in line for your cannoli when you visit 2x a year? Look around your suburban paradise and then think about why you left and who really is the problem.

      These new shop owners are the best thing that ever happened to the North End. They have brought vitality and something else besides overcooked and overpriced macaroni. This gives me hope that change in the North End is for the better. Thank you!

    2. Its 2012 Vince. You reminded me of a quote (see below), your comment is so out of touch with reality.

      Ed Harken: A lot of you have been hearing the affiliates complaining about a lack of diversity on the news team.

      Champ Kind: What in the h#@’s diversity?

      Ron Burgundy: Well, I could be wrong, but I believe diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.

      Ed Harken: Ron, I would be surprised if the affiliates were concerned about the lack of an old, old wooden ship, but nice try.

      1. haha one of the best quotes from a great movie, well done.

        the neighborhood is so much better for having these small thriving businesses down hanover salem and the side streets. it’s always a shame to see one go out of business but sometimes a street just doesn’t get the right amount of foot traffic.

    3. Sedurre is owned by two Italians from the North End. They live and work in the same area. Devereux Therapeutic Foster Care (Metro Boston office) would like to thank Robyn and Daria of Sedurre for their generous donations to our foster care program. They always make the holidays brighter with their donations for our local foster kids. Remember to shop the local shops, no matter who owns them, as they keep our communities vibrant

  2. Vincent,
    You are complaining about all these businesses in our great neighborhood not being owned by Italians. While that may be true of many of them, the neighborhood is still subject to the free market. If there are businesses owned by non-Italians (gasp – wink) it’s because those Italians choose not to be interested enough in doing business here to make competitive bids for owning those businesses. how is that possibly anyone’s fault other than the very people whose absence you are lamenting?
    The bottom line is that while I agree 100% with the complaints about the people (not yuppies or students necessarily – A**holes come in every flavor and walk of life) who don’t care about the neighborhood,it is (unfortunately) up to us to try and force and uphold the old-school values that most of us who care were raised on. I know it’s a challenge, but I truly believe that we need to work with these people and try to enlighten them on how extra-wonderful this neighborhood can be if you just care a little bit and pull your ear buds out once in a while and just smile of say “good morning” or “good afternoon” to people on their way to and from their rat-race jobs.
    Thanks for reading the long rant :-).

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