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Christmas Eve 2012 News & Views

What’s Happening In The North End / Waterfront

It’s Christmas Eve. See the North End church schedules.

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What’s new on the blog

For Christmas, a musical slideshow video of a localized Halleluiah! Chorus. Watch it here.

Latest on Long Wharf

Some new developments on the legal case for Long Wharf ‘Park.’ Read more.

Notable News Found Elsewhere

The Mayor is out of rehab for Christmas. MassLive.com reports.

ChrisCerv posts some of the North End Christmas Parade on YouTube.

Photo of the Day:

On Christmas Eve, today’s image is an Italian American Christmas Blessing from North Ender, Rosalba di Montepaone. Also, see an interview with Rosalba.

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3 Replies to “Christmas Eve 2012 News & Views

  1. Matt,

    Thank you for all the wonders you share. Merry Christmas!

    Wishing you all good things in 2013, Chris

  2. Buon Natale, I too thank you for this wonderful site and for sharing the True Meaning of what Christmas is.

    Christ came to bring light in the present darkness we live in. May His Light be our guide as we travel through this earthly time and enlighten our way to make it a better world , a kinder world, a world where we look out for each other in a brotherly way, to share in all that is good.

    Blessed Christmas

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