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“Shantytown on Boston Harbor” at the Lewis Wharf Marina

The waterfront is abuzz about the new houseboats that have recently found a home at the Lewis Wharf marina. (See Exciting Waterfront Living Opportunity at Lewis Wharf!). We know that the marina owner didn’t bother to ask the condo association, that is now looking into the appropriate regulations and legal issues.

In case you were thinking “affordable housing,” similar houseboats rent for $225/day according to It is not clear if the units are simply being stored for the winter or if the owner intends to start renting them out where issues of trash removal and waste pump-out become more relevant.

While the neighbors and developer go at it, a creative observer came up with these colorful renderings of what could become of the new “Shantytown on Boston Harbor.”


11 Replies to ““Shantytown on Boston Harbor” at the Lewis Wharf Marina

    1. Really?? For one thing (no-brainer) the wind will blow a hole through those containers (especially in a location like this that is exposed). I lost my lunch the other day when I saw that something as horrid like this multiplied by 4 or more would be allowed for everyone to have to stare at. How about something more relevant…a little softer on the eyes:
      (oh yeah, nice splicing work on that seattle houseboat rendering “creative observer” LOL. all good).

        1. Love your house-boats, Julie. Who would want to bring any of those beauties into this marina, with only the ugly side of Commercial Wharf and the noise of the Sail Loft for scenery? duh …

  1. With all due respect to your architectural renderings, Boston is not upscale Sausalito or Seattle. This is Lewis Wharf for goodness sakes! Stay with the metallic shoe boxes now in place. Perfect for refugees from the next storm. And want to borrow sugar from your neighbor? Just open a window and take the hand off. I do like the idea of a kayak in the rendering, but to be site appropriate, the hull should be camouflage. And it needs a gun rack. Hope this is helpful.

    1. Just when you thought that the high rise parking lot was going to obstruct views, a new challenge developes.

      This is right up there with the Wind Turbines in Nantucket.
      There’s something to be said, for living in a developed area, with no potential for new neighbors.

      Newra has their work cut out for them.

      To be continued,
      Michele Brogan

  2. Where, exactly, will the waste go? And what happens to all the boats that reside there during the summer? How can this all just show up? No notice? No community comment?

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